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Best Asian Restaurants for Seattle-Area Families

From no-frills to fancy, our mom-approved recs for authentic, delicious Asian food

Published on: October 18, 2023

Best Asian restaurants in Seattle include Thai Isarn serving authentic dishes such as Phuket Pork Belly Stew and Chi Chu Red Curry
Phuket Pork Belly Stew and Chu Chi Red Curry at Thai Isarn Soul Kitchen. Credit: Nancy Chaney

It’s fall, you’re busy. Soccer practice, homework supervision, music lessons. The days are getting shorter and before you know it, we’ll be hurtling toward the holidays.

No shame in ’fessing up that eating out and ordering takeout make up two of our major food groups. Everyone gets to pick what they want to eat, and the household chef gets a night off. Win-win.

When our family eats out, we love to try and find the best Asian restaurants, just like so many Seattleites. King County is one of just eight counties in the entire country where at least 25 percent of restaurants serve some type of Asian food, according to a recent report from Pew Research Center. Supply and demand at work? Census stats indicate that the population of King County is 21.7 percent Asian. Get your mouth watering with our mom-approved picks.

Rasai best Indian restaurant in Seattle serves Tawa Pulao and Goan fisherman's curry best Asian restaurants in Seattle
Tawa Pulao and Goan Fisherman Curry at Rasai. Credit: JiaYing Grygiel

Best Asian restaurants in Seattle

Best Indian: Rasai

Book a date night, stat, at this jewel box of a restaurant in Fremont. The cuisine is modern Indian and it’s gorgeous. A puff of edible perfume, a smoke bubble — the tableside theatrics make dinner extra fun. Every dish in the 7-course dinner tasting menu is a work of art. Add drink pairings for a truly sublime experience.

Brunch here comes with plates big enough to share. Don’t worry, the spice level is minimal. It’s casual enough for a nice outing with kids, elegant enough to to impress your in-laws.

Find it: 473 N. 36th St., Seattle (Fremont)

Best Asian restaurants in Seattle include Rasai Indian food halibut moilee dish artfully presented
Beautiful halibut moilee at Rasai. Credit: JiaYing Grygiel

Runner-up Indian: Kricket Club

When you think sports bar, you think glam and sophisticated, right? The dark, rich décor of Kricket Club is inspired by India’s elite social clubs where members talk sports and eat well.

Kricket Club serves elevated Indian cuisine, referencing dishes from royal recipes to street food. This is the kind of place where you go for birthdays, anniversaries and anytime you’re feeling a bit fancy.

Find it: 2404 N.E. 65th St., Seattle (Ravenna)

Dough Zone best Asian restaurants in Seattle best Chinese dough zone soup dumplings in a steamer basket
Everyone loves dumplings from Dough Zone.

Best Chinese: Dough Zone Dumpling House

Don’t let the word “chain” fool you; there’s nothing generic about Dough Zone, a Bellevue-based dumpling house chain.

The interior is modern and stylish — and the food is authentically tasty. The vibe equally suits a business lunch and a big family gathering. Dough Zone specializes in soup dumplings, and you can even buy frozen pre-made soup dumplings to take home — a life saver on a busy weeknight.

Find it: Dough Zone has 11 Seattle-area locations.

A boy gets ready to eat a dumpling on chopsticks at best Asian restaurants Seattle Chinese Dough Zone
Dough Zone deliciousness. Credit: JiaYing Grygiel

Runner-up Chinese: Kau Kau

Keep scrolling if you’re a vegetarian. Kau Kau is our pick solely for the juicy, drippy, fatty char siu pork. Supposedly there are vegetables on the menu, but we’ve never made it that far.

Find it: 656 S. King St., Seattle (Chinatown-International District)

Best Vietnamese: Pho Than Brothers

We love this no-frills local chain. You’re not paying for ambiance, you’re just paying for delicious pho. On a drizzly gray day, nothing will warm you up like a vat of fragrant beef broth with rice noodles, fresh basil and bean sprouts. Another huge plus for dining with kids: Service here is lightning fast.

Find it: Pho Than Brothers has 7 Seattle-area locations.

Pho Than Bros is among Seattle’s best Asian restaurants for families
Warm your bellies on a cold night at Pho Than Brothers. Credit: JiaYing Grygiel

Runner-up Vietnamese: Seattle Deli

My family has been deeply loyal to this Vietnamese deli since waaaay back when it was located in the C-ID and a banh mi set you back just $3. Gentrification pushed Seattle Deli out to Edmonds and inflation pushed the price up to $9.75. It’s still a heck of a deal. Note: No dine-in here, it’s takeout only.

Find it: 22618 Highway 99, Suite 114, Edmonds

Best Filipino: Musang

Musang is one of the very best Filipino restaurants in our region, and also in the entire country. Don’t just take our word for it: Chef Melissa Miranda was named one of Food and Wine Magazine’s best new chefs of 2022, and she is a 2023 James Beard Award semifinalist. Musang serves Filipino dishes inspired by Miranda’s childhood memories.

Find it: 2524 Beacon Ave. S., Seattle (Beacon Hill)

Despi Delite mini ube rolls are delicious and just the right size for little hands best Filipino food Seattle
Despi Delite Bakery’s mini ube rolls. Credit: JiaYing Grygiel

Runner-up Filipino: Despi Delite Bakery

A bakery doesn’t technically count as a restaurant unless you consider pastries and cake an acceptable dinner. (We do!) We love this unpretentious bakery in Beacon Hill and the kind aunties who work there. The delightful mini ube rolls are the bakery’s best-selling treat and they’re just the right size for little hands. Takeout only.

Find it: 2701 15th Ave. S., Seattle (Beacon Hill); and 3713 Broadway, Everett

Best Korean: Stone Korean

The way to my heart is through my stomach. Specifically, through banchan, the little side dishes that are part of Korean meals. The rest of my usual order includes kalbi (short ribs), bulgogi (barbecue rib-eye), haemul pahjuhn (seafood pancake), and bibimbap (rice and veggies with an egg on top). Legit Korean food in Seattle is hard to find. Stone Korean hits the spot.

Find it: 900 Dexter Ave. N., Seattle (South Lake Union); 24032 Bothell-Everett Highway, Suite 400, Bothell; and 15015 Main St., Suite 114, Bellevue. Note that the original Redmond location closed recently, but is still listed on the website. A new Redmond restaurant is slated to open later this year.

Runner-up Korean: Meet Korean

This spot is where you’ll find Korean barbecue heaven. Chefs grill the meat to perfection right at your table. This restaurant is upscale and a bit pricey; think of it for special occasions.

Find it: 500 E. Pike St., Seattle (Capitol Hill)

Best Japanese: Maneki

Maneki is a legendary Seattle landmark. Established in 1904, it’s the oldest Japanese restaurant in Seattle. We love the homey atmosphere and private tatami rooms, which are perfect for a family dinner. Maneki is temporarily closed for building upgrades; check social media to find out when it will reopen.

Find it: 304 6th Ave. S., Seattle (Chinatown-International District)

Musashi sushi best Asian restaurants in Seattle sushi roll picnic in the park
Even grumpy teens will turn up for a picnic of Musashi’s sushi. Credit: Nancy Chaney

Runner-up Japanese: Musashi’s

Musashi’s is a tiny, tiny sushi joint, with fair prices and fast service. Get the chirashi bowl! Most people get their orders to go, though there is a small dining area.

Find it: 1400 N. 45th St., Seattle (Wallingford)

Goan fisherman's curry from Rasai best Indian best Asian restaurants in Seattle
Goan F​​​​isherman Curry, a dish at Rasai. Credit: JiaYing Grygiel

Best Thai: Thai Isarn Soul Kitchen

Thai Isarn serves yummy authentic Thai food recommended by my Thai friend, so you know it’s real. The Phuket Pork Belly Stew is served in a bowl that resembles a mini cauldron, kept hot by its own candle underneath. Chunks of pork belly and a hard-boiled egg float in the rich brown broth. The Chu Chi Red Curry is creamy and delicious; two stars rendered the perfect amount of spice. Tip: Happy hour happens every day, 3–6 p.m. Roll up for an early dinner and satisfy your crew with lemongrass wings and the green papaya salad. Delish.

Find it: 2316 N.E. 65th St., Suite 101, Seattle (Ravenna); 2125 Queen Anne Ave. N, Seattle (Queen Anne) 18530 33rd Ave. W., Lynnwood; and 170 Lake St. S., Kirkland.

Best Asian restaurants in Seattle include Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen with multiple locations in the Seattle area
Thai Isarn’s Phuket Pork Belly Stew. Credit: JiaYing Grygiel

Runner-up Thai: Araya’s Place

For veggie, head to Araya’s, the first vegan Thai restaurant in the Northwest. It’s family-owned and operated, and named for the owner’s mom. Araya offers a takeout family meal ($65), which makes it super easy to feed the troops a budget-friendly dinner.​

Find it: 5240 University Way N.E., Seattle (U-District); 2808 E. Madison, Seattle (Madison Valley); and 10246 Main St., Bellevue

Best Indonesian: Indo Café

There’s only one sit-down Indonesian restaurant in Seattle, and it’s in a strip mall on Aurora. Indo Café is a hole-in-the-wall spot with solid, authentic cooking.

Find it: 13754 Aurora Ave. N., Suite D, Seattle (Haller Lake)

Best Asian restaurants in Seattle include Indonesian food truck Bumbu, a family points at the menu to order at the truck parked at the Queen Anne Farmers Market
Feast on authentic Indonesian food from Bumbu food truck. Credit: JiaYing Grygiel

Runner-up Indonesian: Seattle’s other Indonesian option is a roving Indonesian food truck, Bumbu. We spotted it recently at the Queen Anne Farmers Market. Track its location on social media and perhaps try something new. Bumbu’s aptly named Undecided Combo offers a bit of everything: chicken satay, lumpia, fried rice, noodles and salad.

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