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Community Seder With Bet Alef

Calendar/Event Details

Celebrate 2nd Night Community Seder with Bet Alef Tuesday, April 23rd, 6 PM

in person in the Fellowship Hall of the Center for Spiritual Living

6318 Linden Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

OR Online via Zoom

Whether you’ve been to a Seder or not, whether you know the ancient story and symbols or not, the Bet Alef Community Seder welcomes you to “Harmony of Heritage.”

Join us for a heartfelt celebration of Passover, a timeless tradition cherished by generations. On April 23rd, 2024, our community warmly welcomes you to partake in a memorable Seder experience filled with symbolism, story, and shared joy. Gather with your Bet Alef neighbors, friends, and family as we retell the ancient tale of liberation and renewal, weaving together the past and present in a tapestry of cultural heritage and unity. With traditional rituals, delectable cuisine, and the spirit of togetherness, let us embark on a journey of reflection and gratitude. Whether you’re steeped in tradition or new to the Passover observance, all are invited to join hands and hearts in this meaningful commemoration. Come, join us as we honor our history, embrace our community, and celebrate the enduring spirit of freedom.

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Event Details