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‘Corbin Speaks Bee’ Book Launch at Oxbow Farm

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Come celebrate the book launch of local King County author, Emma Pesis, and her newest book Corbin Speaks Bee. There will be educational activities, raffle prizes, a brief reading by the author, signed books for sale, cake cutting and snacks!

About the Book

Corbin speaks like the bees speak . . . well, kind of. He gets very quiet and notices distinctive secrets no one’s patient enough to see. So, when his teacher says they’re going to a local field to observe bees, Corbin can’t wait! Until his classmates all complain and grumble to “squash the bugs”. How can he convince them that bees are anything but boring insects that sting?

Corbin Speaks Bee is a nature-friendly picture book from author, Emma Pesis. This is a valuable resource for teachers to orient the next generation of scientists to the potential of outdoor learning! Great for children ages 4-7, this picture book will have kids exploring their backyards and schoolyards in new and exciting ways.

Tickets are free. Registration is required in advance.

Register at the website below.

Event Details