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Groovy Goats at PDZA

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Meet our magnificent herd of goats up-close and personal in this one-of-a-kind private animal encounter. Just like people, goats have personalities, and our goats have loads of character. Meet Snap, Buckle, Marion, Juniper, and the rest of the herd as you spend some quality time giving them a good grooming. Pose for a photo with your favorite new friend and then reward your buddies with a nutritious and delicious treat. These groovy goats can’t wait to meet you – book your special experience today!

Participants: This private tour is for either up to 5 people or up to 8 people

Restrictions: At least one adult must be present with each group

Cost (up to 5 people): $100 members / $200 non-members

Cost (up to 8 people): $150 members / $300 non-members

Includes: Zoo daytime admission

Length of Experience: 30 minutes

Image credit: Katie Cotterill

Event Details