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Not Too Small to Make A Difference: A Social Justice Story Time

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Not Too Small to Make a Difference is an anti-bias, kid-focused read-aloud adventure. We will read all kinds of books here but there will be a focus on Social Justice. Do you want to have the ability to discuss hard questions your little one asks? “Why is that person in a driving chair?” “Why does she have Brown skin?" “Can I touch his hair?” “What is war?” All the wonders that kids possess should be talked through. And to face these discussions, we need patience, love, and creative honesty. Reader Kristen invites you to have a social justice story time to open the door to conversations that could transform change. 

About the host: Kristen Rau, a children’s theater performer, improviser, and educator, currently working on her Masters in Social Justice and Leadership in Education.

Saturday mornings in the Programming Room
10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Free to attend
All ages welcome

Event Details