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Spring Break Fun: Dinos Rock

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Sun, April 14, 2024
Sun, April 14, 2024

This spring break, the Hands On Children’s Museum will chomp, stomp and roar with awesome dinosaur-themed activities and exciting special guests from March 23–April 14. Examine real fossils with experts from the Burke Museum and Fossil Team PDX. Meet the Raptor Ambassadors with The Falconer and learn about birds of prey and their dinosaur ancestors. Explore epoch extinction events, create prehistoric cave paintings, dig for dino bones, watch wacky Dr. Science demos, join the dino stomp dance party and more!

Special events and activities vary daily. See dates and times below.

  • Build dinosaur skeletons
  • Make dino feet, hats and enjoy dinosaur coloring sheets in the Art Studio
  • Make Pterodactyl flyers for the wind tunnel
  • Draw with chalk and walk with giants as we compare ourselves to dinosaurs in the ODC
  • Examine feathers, skins and scales at the science table (March 25–30)
  • Design dinosaur decorated rumble bots (March 25–30)
  • The Museum will be closed for Easter, March 31
  • Uncover ice cube archeology (April 1–4)
  • Create prehistoric cave paintings (April 1–4)
  • Explore epoch extinction events and make volcanoes erupt (April 1–7)
  • Examine dinosaur fossils at the science table (April 1–7)
  • Play with loose parts and learn about dino eating habits (April 1–7)
  • Meet paleontologist and fossil preparator Kelsie Abrams and see real fossils from the Burke Museum (April 3–4, 10:30 a.m.– 4 p.m.)
  • Meet paleontologist and founder of Fossil Team PDX Nico Spadafora and enjoy their fossil collection (April 5–6, 10:30 a.m.–4 p.m.)
  • Meet the Raptor Ambassadors with The Falconer and learn about birds of prey and their dinosaur ancestors (April 5–6, noon–4 p.m.)
  • Launch comet catapults and design colorful asteroids (April 5–7)
  • Silkscreen dino prints (April 6–7)
  • Watch wacky Dr. Science demos (intermittent)
  • Join in the dino stomp dance party (intermittent)
  • Excavate dino bones in the ODC (weather permitting)
  • Learn about the total solar eclipse (April 8)
  • Examine fossils of the deep at the science table (April 8–14)
  • Design dino pop up cards (April 9–14)
  • Create tinfoil dino sculptures (April 9–14)

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