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The Untold Story of Black Women Suffragists

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Join the Radical Women Seattle Branch for a Zoom session on the untold story of Black women suffragists. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Constitutional Amendment granting U.S. women the legal right to vote. In tribute, Radical Women will show two short films on Black women and the fight for suffrage: a locally produced documentary by the KD Hall Foundation, followed by a recent lecture by Chicago historian Marcia Walker-McWilliams. Together they portray Black women’s role in defending the right to vote for both women and African American men. Black women started agitating for these political rights from the time of slavery and are still fighting for access to the ballot today. Discussion will follow the films.

Register in advance for the meeting at this link:

Meeting starts at 7pm. Zoom will be live from 6:45pm.

Event Details