Confronting Antisemitism

Thought-provoking resources to get your family talking and learning about the oldest form of racism

"The Opposite of Love is Not Hate, it's Indifference"

When there are urgent challenges in the world, we at ParentMap have always felt obligated to provide you with educational resources on tough topics. Today, the oldest form of hatred — antisemitism — is at a crisis level. A Jewish woman on the London Tube was brutally beaten, a Cornell University student was arrested for threatening to murder Jewish students, and at Cooper Union College, Jewish students were locked in the library during an antisemitic attack.

World leaders have united and come out strongly to combat antisemitism. President Biden has restated that “'Never again' is now” in response to the alarming uptick in violent incidents. This is a severe threat to civil society as it continues to unfold in our neighborhoods and schools. We are obligated to launch this resource page which clearly advances our strongest value: to educate ourselves and others. We value all lives, we pray and work for peace, and hope you will join us, as you have before, to listen, learn and lead. Read more from Alayne.

Alayne Sulkin, ParentMap publisher & CEO