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Ready, Set, Summer! Our Summer 2017 Editor's Note

Our 2017 guide to all things summertime

Author Elisa Murray

Published on: March 01, 2017

kids laying in grass

When did summer become stressful? Isn’t it supposed to be about lazy days, swimming, flashlight tag, impromptu barbecues and outdoor movies? Now that my son is 7 — and partly because we only have one child — my husband and I are more determined than ever to make his remaining childhood summers feel like “real summer,” with lots of time for outdoor play, swimming, creative endeavors and the chance to learn skills that aren’t taught in school (high on his list: archery).  

But given all the juggling parents do, less-stress summers require planning ahead. That’s what ParentMap’s annual Summer issue is all about. Think your kid might be ready for classic overnight camp — s’mores and songs included? Our sleepaway camp primer tells you how to pick a camp and prep your kid. Is sailing and SUP on the summer wish list? We round up some of the best water-focused camps for your little fishes, and how to make sure they’re safe. Or perhaps you’re longing for a camp that helps your kid learn real-world skills. Turns out there are camps that teach serious life survival skills, from cooking to carpentry to finance. Finally, who says summer fun is just for kids? Book a learning vacation for the whole family (surfing! fossil-hunting!) and create unforgettable memories in the process.

Let the sunshine in!

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