ParentMap Magazine

February 2023

Within the pages of this month’s annual “love” issue, you’ll find dozens of nifty notions for celebrating your favorite loved ones, from family-friendly fun and low-key and offbeat Valentine’s Day date night ideas (with or without the kids) to a PNW pilgrimage that is all about geek love.

If you only read one thing in this issue, let it be our feature by ParentMap’s own Kari Hanson on ways all of us can help children experiencing foster care.

You know that what they say about the early bird is also true of summer break planning: To get the worm, er camps, you want, you’ve got to start early! ParentMap’s annual Camps + Activities issue to the rescue! To assist your planning, we’ve stacked the pages of our 2023 guide with scads of entertaining camps, classes and other school-break solutions that will make this a summer they’ll remember for a lifetime.