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11 Fun Family Volunteering Opportunities in and Around Seattle

Family volunteering opportunities in SeattleRestore a Park or Beach

It’s hard to beat the tangibility of planting trees, doing battle with invasive plants, or cleaning up a beach. Opportunities abound, especially during Earth Month and many organizations have opportunities all year long. Just by participating, you and your kids learn about nature on location, and in some cases, organizations deliberately add a learning component.

EarthCorps, for example, includes reflection as part of its events; and Friends of Cedar River Watershed sometimes combines work parties with a lesson – check out upcoming Earth Day events here.

Find upcoming volunteer opportunities on ParentMap's calendar.

Minimum age range: Dependent on organization. EarthCorps, for example, welcomes children (and babies!) at most events. Tacoma Nature Center notes that its volunteer days are better suited for older children.

Perks: An opportunity to give back to places that families use so much, to learn plant names, and weed-pulling skills that can be applied at home, too!

To be aware: Unless a work party is explicitly open to children, parents should confirm that it’s okay to bring a child and to find out more about the work and terrain.

Great Organizations to Consider:
Friends of Cedar River Watershed
Green Seattle Partnership
Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust
Nature Consortium
Tacoma Nature Center
Puget Sound Creek Restoration society
People for Puget Sound

Photo credit: EarthCorps

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