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10 Great Mother's Day Cards Featured on Etsy

Check out these unique, handmade Mother's Day cards that mom will love

Published on: April 15, 2011

Looking for the perfect card for Mother's Day? Be sure to check out these ten beautiful, handmade Mother's Day cards featured on Etsy. We promise she won't be disappointed! And most importantly, Happy Mother's Day from the ParentMap family to yours!

Mother's Day card from Wit and Whistle on EtsyMama's boy

The Wit & Whistle Etsy shop has a great card collection for Mother's Day, but we particularly loved this 'favoritism' card! Priced at $4, the card's front simply says it all and the inside includes a note that reads, "Don't tell Dad." The card features a kraft brown envelope and is packaged in a cellophane sleeve for delivery care. Check out the rest of the Wit and Whistle Etsy store for plenty of other cool and clever cards.

Mother's Day card from Wendu Ink on EtsyMom knows best

The Seattle-based Etsy shop Wendu Ink offers some excellent Mother's Day cards with important mom-approved life lessons that we've all been scolded for at one time or another! Priced at $4.50, this adorable, handmade veggie card features "Life Lesson #5: Eat your vegetables", with a sweet inside note reading, "Otherwise you won't grow strong and tall. Imagine how weak and short I could have ended up without you. Thanks for all the years of insight. Happy Mother's Day."

Mother's day card from Meadowlark Creative on Etsy

Sewn to perfection

We love this homemade letterpressed Mother's Day card from the Meadowlark Creative Etsy shop. Perfect for the mom that is all about crafting and sewing, this sweet card is priced at $2.95 and features pink thread stitching at the top for a one-of-a-kind, unique touch. The inside is left blank for your own personal Mother's Day messages and the card comes complete with a kraft envelope. Too cute!

Mother's Day card from Ghost Academy on EtsyMama's black sheep

Got a young rebel in the family? This adorable Mother's Day card featured in the Ghost Academy Etsy shop would make for a great gift choice! Priced at $5, these made-to-order cards are printed on recycled paper from a carving of an original illustration -- and no two cards are ever alike. The cards come with a blank inside for your own personal messages and due to their size, they can also be framed as artwork.

Mother's Day plantable card from Wit and Whistle on EtsyMother's Day in full bloom

Another cute card from Wit and Whistle but this was just way too neat to not share! You might be wondering why the card looks like it is planted in a flower pot — that's because you can literally plant this card and turn it into actual flowers! No joke. Priced at $6, this beautiful Mother's Day card features wildflower seeds embedded into the handmade paper to be planted at home -- perfect for the mom who loves to spend her time digging in the garden! Never before have we seen a plantable card and we think this is such a fantastic idea. (Just as a reminder, the pot and soil are not included with the card.)

Mother's Day card from The Flower Lab on EtsyPutting your love into words

We love this cool design-esque Mother's Day word cloud card available in The Flower Lab Etsy shop. Priced at $4.50 a piece, these cards will certainly spell out just how much you love your super special mom on her honored day! Featuring words from "chicken noodle soup" to "snuggle" to the ultimate "love", this card comes complete with a green grocer envelope and an inside note that simply reads, "Happy Mother's Day."

Mother's Day card from Phillustrations on EtsyLike a fine wine

Seattle-based Etsy shop Phillustrations features these neat Mother's Day cards with adorable faces made with a Sharpie marker and wine ring stains! And for the Seattle wine lovers out there, you're in luck — this card was made using 100 percent Washington state merlot. Priced at $3 a piece, these clever Mother's Day cards feature a blank inside for your own personal messages and a matching white envelope. All in all, a great Mother's Day pick for the mom that enjoys having a good glass of wine.

Mother's Day card from Crab Apple DesignsA Scrabble score fit for Mom

Got a mom who loves playing the occasional game of Scrabble? Consider snapping up this awesome, Scrabble-rific Mother's Day card featured in the Meow Kapow Etsy shop! Priced at $5.50, this card comes with a Polaroid-esque photo of Scrabble tiles spelling out "Happy Mother's Day" on a vintage game board. The photo is positioned on textured cardstock with a blank inside for your own Mother's Day well-wishes — a great find for the mom who is all about the word games! 

Mother's Day card from Figs and Ginger on EtsyAll about Mom

Check out these beautifully bunted Mother's Day cards offered in the FigsAndGinger Etsy shop! Priced at $12.50, these eco-friendly cool cards are complete with 100 percent recycled cardstock and a sustainably harvested alder wood banner that spells out "Mom." Love! 

Mother's Day card from Anemone Letterpress

A special dahlia for Mom

This year's dahlias may not yet be in bloom, but that doesn't mean that Mom can't appreciate them on Mother's Day! We love this dahlia letterpress Mother's Day card offered up for $4 in the Anemone Letterpress Etsy shop. But not only is this card just beautiful, it's also made with 100 percent cotton paper, making it completely tree-free. How cool is that? The inside of this card is left blank for your sweet messages to Mom and comes with a 'coordinating blossom' envelope. Dahlias may already be one of our favorite flowers, but this card is just too cute to pass up!

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