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15 Amazing DIY Organizing Ideas

Published on: December 03, 2013

DIY organizing ideas: DIY fold-out desk for kids by Ana White

Talk about a kid’s room must-have! If your kiddo loves all things art, this neat idea for a fold-down desk included on Ana White is sure to be a hit. When closed, the desk features a DIY chalkboard, and when open this little artist nook offers art supply cubbies and a ream of fresh butcher paper. See the tutorial for tips on making your own!

DIY organizing ideas: DIY cardboard cord organizers by Our Thrifty Ideas

Sick and tired of all of those messy cords hanging around? Take a tip from Mom Vanessa of Our Thrifty Ideas and tidy them up with the help of extra toilet paper tubes. Any easy fix for disorganized TV rooms and workspaces, this upcycled organizing project includes an extra touch of cardboard cuteness courtesy of colorful washi tape.

DIY organizing ideas: DIY laundry organizers by Ana Smith

If your family also struggles with laundry piles on the floor, don’t miss out on this genius idea from Ana White. Using three white laundry baskets as drawers for an open slide-in, slide-out dresser, this project allows for quick organization of clean and dirty clothes, delicates, and beyond. See the rest of the post for the building tutorial.

DIY organizing ideas: DIY entryway crates for shoes by Decor Hacks

Scattered shoes and outdoor clothing in the entryway is a constant challenge for busy families. That’s exactly why we can’t get enough of these cool DIY storage bins featured on Decor Hacks. Colorful, cheap and decorative, this project really goes to show how cool a couple of old crates can truly be! Simply gather your bins, slap on some paint, and then attach them to the wall with various sizes for all things tall and small.

DIY organizing ideas: DIY wrapping paper organizer by 2 Little Hooligans

Who knew that a common kitchen stool could transform into such a cute storage solution? That is exactly the case with this cool DIY wrapping paper organizer featured on 2 Little Hooligans. To make your own, turn the stool upside down and add moveable casters to the legs. With fabric or a sheet and bias tape (or ribbon), begin adding in your big pockets to the stool for all of your wrap, ribbons, bows and supplies.

DIY organizing ideas: DIY sink storage by A Thousand Words

Just because you can’t see all of that stuff under the sink, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be organized! Take a tip from Mom Jen of A Thousand Words and consider adding a couple simple pieces to your sink cabinet for quick and easy accessibility. Using an adjustable tension rod, some nails for hanging and plastic baskets, Jen’s cleaning supplies went from messy to tidy in no time. See her full post for more tips on getting started.

DIY organizing ideas: DIY garment rack for kids by Smile and Wave

Give your child’s room a stylish vintage touch with this DIY garment rack featured on Smile and Wave. Using simple materials such as poplar wood, dowels and screw hooks for her kiddo’s fold-up rack, Mom Rachel also notes that this storage hanger can double as a great fort frame, and be used for quick access to dress-up clothes. So simple, so versatile!

DIY organizing ideas: DIY ice cube organizer by Homemade Simple

Give all of those craft room odds and ends a new home with this neat ice cube tray caddy idea included on Homemade Simple. Perfect for beads, crayons, jewelry, office clips or tacks and more, this simple idea is an easy way to keep track of mini pieces floating around in your cabinets and drawers.

DIY organizing ideas: DIY yarn organizers by Do Stuff! Leethal Blog

Say goodbye to all those bags of yarn floating around in the closet with this creative solution featured on Do Stuff! Leethal Blog. Simply made with recycled coffee cans, screws, duct tape and cardboard, this genius project not only helps organize your knitting materials, but it also looks darn cute on the wall.

DIY organizing ideas: DIY dish rack coloring station for kids by Fudge Banana Swirl

Give drawing materials a space of their own with this fun idea for transforming a dish rack into a coloring station, compliments of Fudge Banana Swirl. Offering the perfect solution for scattered coloring books and crayons in all drawers of your home, this creative rack can give your child a one-stop artwork shop for only a couple of dollars.

DIY organizing ideas: DIY gift wrap organizer by In My Own Style

In My Own Style offers up an additional great idea for keeping all of that gift wrap in check — and we love its inspired simplicity! To make your own wrapping paper organizer, you’ll want to have a wooden frame handy, along with café-style curtain rods and cup hooks. See the full post for the complete walkthrough.

DIY organizing ideas: DIY toy organizers by Now At Home Mom

Another neat way to put old crates to good use, these fab DIY toy drawers featured on Now at Home Mom will help keep your little one’s room nice and tidy. Featuring craft store crates, a wood frame and wheels, these fabulous little organizers allow your child to move select toys from room to room without leaving any pieces behind.

DIY organizing ideas: DIY art display by Liz Marie Blog

Need a place to hang all of your child’s masterpieces? Don’t miss out on this cool idea featured on the Liz Marie Blog for making a wood and wire art display. To get started on your own display, simply pick up some boards and insert eyehole screws to each end connected by gauged wire for hanging. See the rest of Liz’s post for the complete walkthrough.

DIY organizing ideas: DIY rain gutters bookshelves by Her View From Home

Her View From Home shares this fantastic DIY inspiration for creating a bookshelf wall out of rain gutters — and we are mighty impressed! Durable, cheap and a snap to install, this gutter bookshelf is a perfect solution for young bookworms and adds a clean and stylish touch to the space. Mom Michelle’s toddler even got in on the building action! Talk about an easy, hip DIY project.

DIY organizing ideas: DIY can organizers by The Family Handyman

If you too hate taking everything out of the cabinet to see how many cans of this or that are hiding out in the back, this DIY pantry solution featured on The Family Handyman will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face. Older cans will always fall to the front in these repurposed closet-rack cabinet organizers, and you’ll always be able to tell just how many are still left before your next big grocery haul. Learn more about the hardware needed by checking out the full post.

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