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Sick of Packing Lunch? 7 Quick Fixes From Trader Joe's

Simple snacks to bulk up your kid's lunch box

Vicky McDonald

Published on: May 15, 2018

Kids with school lunch

The struggle is real

Lots of us ran out of gas for creating the perfectly balanced school lunch sometime back around October. It’s now coming toward the end of the school year, and you’ve almost reached that glorious moment when you can stop thinking about school lunches. Unless of course, you still have to pack lunches for camp (will it ever end!) Either way, it’s a daily battle, and it seems to get harder when the warm weather sets in. 

To help you get through those last few crazy weeks, we’ve come up with a few healthy(ish) snacks that you can buy to bulk up that lunch box.  Full disclosure: These snacks are mainly from one grocery store (Trader Joe's) because "it's that time of year."

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