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20 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy If You Are Stuck at Home

Crafts, educational shows, backyard activities and more to keep the crew entertained

Vicky McDonald

Published on: March 08, 2020


Let's get ready to rumble

The coronavirus hit Washington hard this week and some local schools are closed and others may follow suit. Large Seattle-area companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are urging employees to work from home to reduce the potential spread of the virus. As the news worsened over the course of the week, people started to stock up on essentials, with many locals reporting a shortage of toilet paper in stores! 

In short, a lot has changed in one week, and families are scrambling to prepare for the unknown. While handwashing, hunkering down and stocking up on toilet paper may help you during the outbreak, the big issue parents are facing is how to entertain the kids if schools are closed. 

We know working from home with the kids underfoot can be stressful for everyone. With that in mind we’ve compiled a list of activities, semi-educational media offerings and projects to keep the kids busy and to bring some order to your home during these uncertain times. 

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