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16 Spooky Halloween Treats

Published on: October 02, 2013

Halloween treats: Halloween cake pops by Tasty Treats

Whip up some devilishly delicious cake pops this Halloween with the help of Tasty Treats' easy recipe. Whether you go for pumpkins, ghosts or goblins, these bite-sized treats will please every boy and ghoul at your Halloween shindig.

Halloween treats: Witch finger cookies by La Petite Brioche

Sprinkle a little black magic into this year’s Halloween treats with this fun recipe for spooky witch finger cookies featured on La Petite Brioche. Made with shortbread that’s been dyed with bright green food coloring and manipulated to look like bony fingers, these cookies are decked out with “decaying” almond nails and oozy white chocolate “blood.” See the full post for the tutorial and recipe.

Halloween treats: Black cat cookies by Creations By Kara

These quick and easy black cat cookies served up on Creations by Kara are sure to hit the spot this Halloween. A great recipe for your kids to lend a hand on, these cute kitty sweets get their iconic look from traditional Halloween candy adornments. (Also a great idea for using up candy after the holiday has passed!)

Halloween treats: Halloween Rolo chocolate monsters by Cake Whiz

Planning a monster mash bash this year? Consider offering up these kooky chocolate critters featured on Cake Whiz. Easily made with stacked Rolos, melted chocolate and loads of colorful sprinkles, these adorably cheeky monsters make for easy party goodies that pack plenty of personality. Plus, your kids will love making them!

Halloween treats: Candied apples in different colors by Rose Bakes

Give this year’s Halloween candy apples an extra pop of color with the help of Rose Bakes’ handy tutorial. Though colored candy apple mixes are also available online, Rose shares her secrets for making a homemade, vibrant candied batch with the help of gel food coloring and corn syrup.

Halloween treats: Halloween spider nest treats by A Spicy Perspective

Weave a tasty web this fall with A Spicy Perspective's fun idea for creating creepy, crawly worm and spider nest desserts. Packed full of mini “eggs,” these spooky sweets are made using large tapioca pearls, Jell-O, gummy worms and plastic spiders. See the full walkthrough for tips on getting started.

Halloween treats: Halloween mummy Oreo pops by Easy Baked

Take a tip from Easy Baked and make these spooktacular mummy Oreo pops for your favorite trick or treaters. To get started, you’ll want to have white fondant and candy melts on hand, along with mini eyeballs (or royal icing to make them from scratch). Check out the site for the complete recipe.

Halloween treats: Spider whoopie pies by Oh Sweet Day!

Looking for a treat idea that’s both cute and creepy? These eight-legged whoopie pie spiders featured on Oh Sweet Day! are sure to do the trick (and the treat)! Baked from scratch with Mom Fanny’s recipe, these silly little guys will undoubtedly be a hit at this year’s Halloween party.

Halloween treats: Halloween candy corn crack by Savy Naturalista

If you’re a big fan of Christmas crack, then you’re going to love Savy Naturalista's fun idea for making homemade Halloween crack. A super-simple snack that can be made quickly on the fly, this festive treat only needs five ingredients: saltines, brown sugar, butter, candy corn and peanut butter candies. And, we’re serious when we say simple — enough for a gaggle of guests can be made in less than 15 minutes.

Halloween treats: Halloween witch push-up pops by Cookies and Cups

Push-up pops are always a crowd pleaser — and that’s exactly why we can’t get enough of these melted witch desserts featured on Cookies and Cups! A fun and colorful idea for Halloween, these cool treats are made with chocolate cake, colored butter cream frosting, and chocolate candy melts for the witch’s boots. See the rest of the post for the full scoop on getting started.

Halloween treats: White-chocolate covered ghost strawberries by Miss Candiquick

Another ghostly treat idea that kids can help make, these silly strawberry spooks from Miss Candiquik pack as much nutrition as they do sweets. To make your own, simply dip your washed strawberries into vanilla Candiquik coating, and add mini chocolate chips for the eyes and mouths before the coating completely sets.

Halloween treats: Halloween pumpkin monster cookies by Delicious By Dre

Love making monster cookies throughout the year? Take a tip from Delicious By Dre and consider making a special pumpkin-ized batch that is both delicious and wholesome. Made using pumpkin pie spice and pumpkin spice M&Ms for an extra Halloween-esque taste, these chunky cookies also include healthy ingredients such as coconut oil, flax seed, oats and more. See the full recipe for more info on getting started.

Halloween treats: Pumpkin cheesecake-stuffed chocolate cupcakes by Hungry Happenings

If you’re really looking to impress at this year’s Halloween shindig, don’t miss out on these cheesecake pumpkin-stuffed chocolate cupcakes featured on Hungry Happenings. A mouthful with their name alone, these clever sweets are much easier to make than their appearance might suggest, with the surprising pumpkins simply tucked into the cupcakes before they bake.

Halloween treats: Blood-spattered Dexter cupcakes by Desserts By Juliette

Made in honor of the hit show Dexter, these blood spatter cupcakes shared on Desserts by Juliette will add an extra ghastly touch to your Halloween treat table this year. Made with white cake mix and Italian butter cream frosting, these simple cupcakes get their gorgeous, gory look from spattered fresh or frozen puréed raspberries. We think Dexter would be downright proud!

Halloween treats: Hallowene candy bark by Completely Delicious

Use up all of those extra Halloween sweets by whipping up a batch of festive candy bark. Featured on Completely Delicious, this snacky, fall treat idea is incredibly easy to make and a favorite for many.  Simply break up the candy pieces of your choice (M&Ms, peanut butter cups, Butterfingers, etc.), top them on a sheet of melted chocolate chips and let the bark harden in the fridge for an hour. See the rest of the post for more tips and additional neat ideas for using up leftover Halloween treats.

Halloween treats: Halloween scarecrow bars by Cookies and Cups

If you’re in need of some sweet Halloween munchies that are easy to pack up for school or parties, these popular scarecrow bars served up on Cookies and Cups include Chex Mix, cake mix, marshmallows and candy corn. This treat is both crunchy and soft, with sweet and savory bites melded deliciously. Talk about an all-in-one Halloween dessert!

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