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6 Apps to Help Get Kids Kindergarten Ready

From math basics to learning how to follow directions, these 6 apps will help your preschooler learn important skills for entering kindergarten

Kelly Knox

Published on: June 08, 2015

Hours of preschool and play can get your child ready for elementary school, but did you know you could also turn screen time at home into kindergarten prep time?

Preschoolers can get a lot out of their time on the tablet and smartphone thanks to incredible educational apps like these. From math basics to learning to follow directions, here are 6 apps that will help teach your preschooler important skills for success in kindergarten.

Cookie Monster's Challenge

1. Cookie Monster’s Challenge

Cookie Monster is the star of the show in this highly interactive app for 3-5 year olds. Each game your child plays is accompanied by verbal instructions by Cookie Monster, asking his helper to tap, swipe and more. Mini-games test memory skills, self-control, listening and problem solving, all with the playful energy you’d expect from the furry blue monster.

As your child follows directions, they unlock increasing levels of challenges to help Cookie reach his final goal. (A cookie, of course!)

iPad, Android, $2.99

Domi Domi Blocks 

2. Domi Domi Blocks

Creating patterns and practicing logical thinking are all part of the game in Domi Domi Blocks. As your kids match the color pattern they see on the left, they’re honing those fine motor skills, concentration, and memory with increasing levels of difficulty. But your kids will be having too much fun with the game’s cute creatures, cheerful music, and hidden surprises to notice.

iPad/iPhone, Android, $2.99

Endless Numbers

3. Endless Numbers 

Quirky characters excited to play with numbers will spread that enthusiasm to your kids as they tap and swipe their way through Endless Numbers. The app grows from teaching preschoolers to recognize numbers to simple math equations your kindergartener can practice all school year long.

The app is free to download with two packs available to purchase to unlock numbers up to 100.

iPhone/iPad, Android, Free

Hip Hop Hen ABC Letter Tracing

4. Hip Hop Hen ABC Letter Tracing

With activities that focus on pre-writing, phonics and letter tracing skills, Hip Hop Hen ABC Letter Tracing is ideal for growing with kids as they start with simple coloring of letters and work up to practicing writing phrases and cursive letters.

Fine motor skills are put to the test as preschoolers and kindergarteners use the intuitive app to form letters by following an adorable hen across the dotted lines.

iPhone/iPad, $2.99

Lazoo Art Box

5. Lazoo Art Box

There are a lot of excellent apps out there that inspire preschoolers to express their creativity, but Lazoo Art Box also focuses on following directions and early literacy — skills that any kindergartener could use a little practice with.

Kids are encouraged to color and draw on pictures with specific directions. As the suggestions for each illustration are read aloud, they are highlighted word by word to help budding readers recognize words. Then comes the exciting part for the little artist: watching their creations come to animated life once they’re done!

iPhone/iPad, $1.99

YouTube Kids

6. YouTube Kids

Designed for kids 3-5, YouTube Kids presents curated videos and channels for preschoolers curious about the world. They’ll love using the voice-activated search and looking through the recommended videos featuring science, languages, some of their favorite TV characters, and more. You’ll love not worrying about inappropriate content and setting a time limit so that the app is used in moderation.

While the app is free, many videos are accompanied by multiple advertisements.

iPhone/iPad, Android, Free

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