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5 Conversations to Have With Your Kids After 'Beauty and the Beast'

What to expect and discuss from the Disney reboot

Published on: March 17, 2017

'Beauty and the Beast' promotional poster

Beauty and the Beast is a gorgeous, beautifully made live-action remake of Disney's animated "tale as old as time." It's fantastic, although definitely a bit scarier and more intense than the original. But, as always, the story encourages viewers to look beyond the superficial and to be compassionate, curious, humble and generous — all of which means it gives families plenty to talk about. Try these discussion questions for kids:

How do you think this live-action version compares with the animated original? Which differences do you like most? Which do you like least? Why?

Even if you were expecting them, how did the movie's scary scenes make you feel? How much scary stuff can young kids handle?

How do the characters demonstrate compassion, curiosity, humility and empathy? Why are those important character strengths?

How does Belle compare with other Disney princesses? Is she curious? Do you consider her a role model?

What makes Gaston's conceited, self-centered nature funny? Is he a caricature of the stereotypical leading man? Do your feelings about him change over the course of the story? Why?

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