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Best Seattle-Area Spots for a Sweet Afternoon Tea Outing With Kids

Special destinations for a fancy tea date with your favorite kid

Published on: August 29, 2023

A mom and young daughter look at each other while enjoying an outing for fancy afternoon tea at the Lodge Saint Edward Park near Seattle; best afternoon tea outings with kids
Teatime can work magic to get kids talking. Plan a special one-on-one tea date to chat and snack! Credit: Natasha Dillinger

Afternoon tea in Seattle: A perfect way to connect

After a long school day, the last thing my daughter wants is to be quizzed about everything that happened. But the cozy, intimate setting of a one-on-one afternoon tea seems to spark conversation, so I try to schedule a regular tea date for us to catch up.

If you’re hoping to get your kids to spill the (figurative) tea, read on for a roundup of Seattle afternoon tea spots where you can partake in this classic connection or special-occasion ritual. 

Tips for making your afternoon tea outing a success:

  • Read the rules ahead of time. Some tea services have age limits or etiquette guidelines, while others request that you preorder your tea service. Given the labor required to assemble all of those crustless sandwiches and tiny cookies, a stricter cancellation policy than normal may apply (such as a fee for cancellation with less than 24–72 hours’ notice).
  • Take the opportunity to dress up if you want. Teatime tends to be a fancier affair, especially at hotel destinations. This is a great occasion to get more wear out of your sparkly holiday duds!
  • Bring some themed entertainment. Whether it’s tea at home or tea out on the town, we like to bring along picture books as they make for relatively quiet distractions while we wait for snacks to arrive. Here’s a list of favorites, courtesy of The Seattle Public Library.

First tea stop: The Queen Mary

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