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The Best Bargains for Families at Grocery Outlet

Get discounts on cereals, gluten-free foods, plant-based meat substitutes and more at Grocery Outlet

Published on: June 02, 2022

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Grocery Outlet stores are great hunting grounds for thrifty shoppers, with prices up to 50 percent less than other stores. The company keeps prices low by what they call opportunistic buying: When manufacturers have excess inventory, Grocery Outlet buys these products at rock-bottom prices and then passes the savings on to customers. Due to this purchasing strategy, their inventory is constantly changing, and you might find off-season products such as Halloween-themed snacks in summer. Fans say that going to Grocery Outlet is like a treasure hunt — you never know what you will find. You may not be able to get everything on your list there, but it’s worth it to make Grocery Outlet your first stop. Read on for shopping tips and products to look for.

Shopping tips 

Signing up for email alerts that advertise Grocery Outlet’s WOW Deals will give you the jump on the best-selling, unadvertised deals in your local store. Because Grocery Outlet doesn’t take traditional coupons, this is a great way to save. You will receive a welcome coupon for signing up. You will also receive occasional generic coupons offering a couple of dollars off your shopping. 

Most labels in Grocery Outlet show what an item would cost at another local store, which can help you find the best deal. Since some of the store’s products are from manufacturing overruns, check expiration dates carefully and stock up only if you know you can use the product before the use-by date.

1. Plant-based meat substitutes

I recently snagged some great deals to keep my teen vegetarian happy. Vegetarians who enjoy meat substitutes will find lots on offer at Grocery Outlet, such as Impossible burger patties, Quorn meatless roast, Quorn chicken nuggets and Gardein chickpea burgers, all for 50–70 percent less than the same products at my regular store.

2. Gluten-free foods

Grocery Outlet offers many gluten-free products at slashed prices. I found several types of alternative flours, plus ready-made items in the freezer section. Recent finds include Oggi gluten-free pizza, Calabrian Roots cauliflower cheese pizza, Van's gluten-free waffles, Smashmallows and Hu grain-free cookies. 

3. Select meats

If you enjoy specialty meat but don’t like the cost, check out Grocery Outlet’s offerings. On my last trip, I found grass-fed ground beef, Free Graze Kobe or Wagyu ground beef, Angus beef boneless NY strip steak and Rock River Cattle Co. Steakhouse beef sirloin tri-tip, all on discount.

4. Party food

If you are planning a menu for a party, be sure and check Grocery Outlet first. Shoppers say the store consistently offers deals on specialty cheeses and crackers, plus my local location has a good selection of nuts. Current offerings include a packaged “GO Board” with three wedges of fancy cheese and Bear State Farms Vino Rossa and Smokehouse cheddar. They also have a great wine and beer selection.

5. NOSH 

Grocery Outlet has a section called NOSH: natural, organic, specialty and healthy. Here you can find great products such as Pacific Foods soups, organic canned tomatoes and beans, frozen wild-caught fish, plus many keto- and paleo-friendly foods for less. 

6. Ice cream

The freezer section boasts a wide variety of ice cream products, including high-end brands and brands for those with food allergies. I recently saw the following brands with discounts of up to 50 percent less than other stores: Cado Avocado frozen dessert, Lotus Biscoff ice cream, Talenti gelato, Brave Robot, Halo Top, ReThink, Keto Enlightened, Tillamook, Fat Boy, Enlightened Almond dairy-free ice cream pops and Ripple dairy-free frozen dessert. 

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