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10 Super-Cool Family Memberships to Try This Summer

Rock your summer (and beyond) exploring nature, animals, history and more

Author Elisa Murray

Published on: June 25, 2019

Goats kids at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. Credit: Katie Cotterill

Lesser-known family memberships to rock your summer

When your kids are small, a membership to a zoo or kid-friendly museum is an obvious lifesaver for rainy days or pre-naptime mornings. Outings to the Woodland Park Zoo (tigers, lions, penguins, Zoomazium, cotton candy, repeat) and the Pacific Science Center (rocket ship, dinos, toddler water play area, repeat) rescued my family many, many times.

Now that I have a school-age kid, like many families, I’ve let those memberships lapse. It's hard to justify the expense for infrequent outings that can be hard to fit in. But with summertime and a more open schedule than usual, I’ve become intrigued by under-the-radar memberships and season passes that offer other perks beyond free admission, from discounts on boat rentals to a blissful berry-picking experience. Plus, there’s the do-good effect: Supporting an organization at a membership level can help it thrive over the long haul.

Use the arrows above the image to explore awesome, under-the-radar family memberships that will help make your summer super-cool.

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