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7 Montessori-Inspired Design Ideas for Kids' Rooms

Create a Montessori environment in your own home with these easy ideas

Shar Petit

Published on: January 10, 2020

7 Montessori-Inspired Design Ideas for Kids' Rooms

nature tray
How We Montessori

A place for nature

In a Montessori home, everything has its place and making space for nature is important. How We Montessori suggests setting up a nature observation tray with a magnifying glass and a variety of items from nature, such as seashells, pine cones, leaves, rocks, etc. 

It’s the perfect place to hold found objects from nature hikes or walks to the park. Your child can closely observe and study their beloved nature collection. This nature tray is also a great way to observe the passing of the seasons and the changes in nature over the year.   

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