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10 Mother’s Day Treats and Sweets

Super simple recipes with shortcut ingredients. Dads, this one is for you!

Shar Petit

Published on: May 01, 2023

Six Sisters' Stuff

1. No-bake lemon cookie truffles

These lemon cookie cream cheese truffles from Six Sisters' Stuff will definitely make your Mother's Day shine!

They are a simple combination of lemon sandwich cookie and cream cheese dough coated in melted white chocolate and garnished with sprinkles. If you want to get creative with presenting these gorgeous sweets, consider decorating a recycled box with Mom's favorite colors for a DIY “box of chocolates” appeal!

waffles2. Mother’s Day waffles

Bringing together the best of both worlds, these banana bread waffles featured on Annie's Eats are sure to become a new Mother's Day must-have. 

Offering up the flavorful goodness of banana bread with the appeal of a waffle, this recipe can be mixed the night before for easy morning-of making. Your kids will love helping to whip up the batter. After a quick run through the waffle iron, simply top off your fab waffles with a generous helping of banana slices and syrup. Yum!

cupcakes3. Tasty bouquet for Mom

Fresh spring flowers on Mother's Day will always be a favorite pick, but what about giving Mom a bouquet this year that looks (and is!) good enough to eat? Needless to say, we can't get enough of this sweet edible bunch featured on Cookies and Cups!

Simply made using mini frosted cupcakes (boxed mix is fine), candies, licorice and lollipop sticks, these cute treats are easy for small hands to make. Just set out all of the decorative sweets and let the creativity flow! Once your colorful bouquet is in full bloom, present it in a vase with floral foam at the base. Overall, this is one edible arrangement that's sure to bring a smile to Mom's face!

deep dish4. Deep-dish delish

We love this quick and easy two-ingredient recipe for “deep-dish” cookies served up on Crazy for Crust!

Made with premade chocolate chip cookie dough and crumbled Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, the recipe is great for busy families that want to make Mom a little special somethin' before the day's festivities. To perfect your deep-dish treats, Mom Dorothy recommends using a whoopie pie pan or a pizza pan to create one giant cookie for everyone to share! All in all, an excellent pick for the moms out there with a soft spot for chocolate (aka, all of us!).

banana bites5. Totally bananas

These frozen chocolate-peanut-butter-coconut-covered bananas by Seasaltwithfood are not only incredibly easy to make, but absolutely divine to eat!

To get started, simply slice the bananas and toss them in the freezer for about an hour. Combine equal parts chocolate chips and peanut butter in a bowl and microwave until smooth. Then let your little ones loose to dip the banana pieces into the sweet mixture and shredded coconut. What a tasty way to show Mom she'll always be your top banana!

cookies6. Cookies by the bunch

Mom Meaghan of The Decorated Cookie offers up these gorgeous spring blooms — yet another great idea for an edible bouquet!

These sugar cookies can easily become personalized works of art as another adult and your kids set out to decorate them with bright and beautiful flowers. Check out the full tutorial for ideas on how to make buttercups, poppies and dandelions. Find photos of Mom's favorite flowers and put your family's creativity to the test!

cinnamon rolls7. Keep on rollin’

Here's another classic Mother's Day brunch idea, featured on Joy the Baker: doughy and delicious cinnamon rolls. Mom's special day wouldn't be complete without a pan or two of these lovelies.

The recipe features biscuit dough, which bakes up nicely when combined with a cinnamon-sugar filling. This is a kid-friendly recipe to prepare for mom, and Joy's step-by-step tutorial is sure to guide the family's bakers to success. Check out the full post for a gorgeous pictorial, and get ready to let the flour fly!

thumbs8. Thumbs up for Mom

Put those little helper thumbs to good use making a batch of mini PB&J thumbprint cookies using this recipe from Live. Learn. Love. Eat.

Made with whole wheat flour, natural peanut butter, pure maple syrup and jam, these bite-sized treats are a healthy alternative to store-bought cookies. Plus, this project is an excellent hands-on baking project for thumbs big and small. We're sure Mom will be pretty darned pleased with the results! Check out the rest of Mom Tiffany's post for the full recipe and plenty of fun pictures of her own girls baking up a storm.

goody bars9. Goody goody bars

Peanut butter? Chocolate? Corn flakes? Yes, please! Even if you only have 15 minutes to spare, you can make these easy Mother's Day treats featured on Brown-Eyed Baker.

Reminiscent of a Babe Ruth candy bar (and no-bake at that!), these tasty goody goody bars only contain six ingredients: peanut butter, cornflakes, chocolate chips, peanuts, corn syrup and brown sugar. Overall, a quick treat for Mom that's sure to be a hit with the entire family! 

crescents10. Easy crescent rolls

If your family loves making sweet pastries, everyone is sure to get a kick out of Picky Palate's idea for making Biscoff-marshmallow crescent rolls!

To get started, you'll need a handful of ingredients, including roll dough, mini marshmallows, Biscoff spread and cinnamon. Mom Jenny says that when the pastries finish baking, the oozing marshmallows offer a chewy and caramel-like consistency. Sounds like a sweet deal to us!

Editor’s note: This article was originally published several years ago and most recently updated in 2023. 

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