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Best Seattle-Area Places to Embrace Bad Weather With Kids

9 Puget Sound-area parks for reveling in wind, fog, clouds and rain

Fiona Cohen

Published on: February 03, 2023

little girl in the rain embracing the bad weather

Embracing stormy weather

When we talk about Seattle-area weather, we have a lot to talk about. On any given day between September and, say, July, we can experience squalls, gales, fog and rain in its many actions: pouring, spitting, drizzling, misting, pelting sideways and so on.

In winter these weather phenomena are in peak display — so what is there to do but embrace the bad weather? After all, our weather is one of the spectacular natural forces that molds our landscape and decks it out in the lushest green. Many places around Puget Sound are situated to provide a front-row seat to our wild weather. Gather your crew, suit up in your rain gear and see where to go.

One note: These spots are fun to visit in stormy weather, but in the event of extreme weather warnings, it’s smart to stay home.

First stop: Snoqualmie Falls

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