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Best Seattle-Area Outings With Preschoolers and Toddlers

Tot-sized adventures that’ll have you home in time for school pickup

Published on: October 23, 2023

A small boy climbing the play structure at colorful new West Fenwick Park in Kent, a great destination for tots while big kids are in school
Take your tots to test drive a new playground such as Kent’s West Fenwick Park. Credit: Devon Hammer

Big kids away, tots will play

When my older child started school, she left her little brother without his favorite playmate. So while big sister is learning in the classroom, my son and I want to learn and explore out in the world. We still go on all our adventures, but it’s just the two of us, unless we meet up with friends.

We have another change to the shape of our days: We are now beholden to the school-day schedule. Wherever our outings lead us, we always need to be home by the bell. For many area elementary schools, that’s around 2:30 p.m., so we have to plan carefully.

We’ve cooked up a variety of different adventures we call “big kids away, tots will play.” These outings perfectly suit the preschool set, fit nicely within the school day and land us back home in time for school pickup. Check them all out!

First up: climb it

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