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9 Super-Cool Tree Houses, Forts and Lookouts Around Seattle to Explore With Kids

Unleash your kids’ imaginations exploring a fort, climbing a tower or touring a tree house

Published on: August 10, 2021

Kids crossing the suspension bridge to visit the Sammamish treehouse in Big Rock Park Central fun forts and treehouses for seattle kids and families
The suspension bridge approach to the Sammamish treehouse. Credit: Vicky McDonald

Finding those secret spots

Inspiration most often lies outside our front doors. And if kids happen to encounter a tree house, fort or hobbit door woven into an outing, their inspiration can go into overdrive. But where to find these secret spots designed to spark our kids' imaginations?

We’ve collected nine places in the greater Puget Sound area that could fuel hours of outdoor play for kids, from tree houses and decommissioned forts to hobbit abodes and playgrounds with build-it-yourself features. Some are suitable for a day trip, while some are a short drive away. Use the arrows above the image to check out all the inspiring spots.

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