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Best Sports Gear to Help Kids Practice Skills at Home

Have fun, improve fitness and practice a new skill with this useful equipment

Published on: October 07, 2022

Father and son playing basketball outside of a big white house

Are you spending your Saturday mornings sipping coffee while you watch your child chase a soccer ball around a field? Or scrambling to get your kid to after-school gymnastics class on time? If you’re in the phase of life where your kids take up new activities and start to show interest in a particular sport, you’re may be wondering how they can practice their new passion at home — without putting a football through your living room window.

A few pieces of useful sporting equipment can make a big difference and encourage your kid to practice their newly learned skills at home. Here are some good ideas to get you started. 

Soccer practice in the garden 

If you’re tired of hearing the soccer ball slamming into the garage door, it might be time to order this soccer trainer. Your child secures the strap around their waist and kicks the attached ball, offering unlimited opportunities to practice juggling or striking.

This set of pop-up soccer nets is really versatile. You can use it on grass or your child can round up the neighborhood kids for a match at the end of the cul de sac.


Baseball in the backyard

Not quite ready to stand in the backyard for hours catching for your future baseball star? This baseball pitchback will allow your slugger to practice happily on their own. They just throw the ball at the net, and it pops right back to them.

When kids start hitting balls with bats, one of those balls can easily go through a window! So, you might want to invest in this clever baseball batting tee. It comes with a ball that’s attached to the frame so your child can safely practice batting in the backyard.

Hoop dreams in the driveway

If your child is ready to move up from the Little Tikes plastic hoop, this basketball hoop is the perfect next level. You can adjust the height as your child grows, and it’s even suitable for indoor use if you have a very large space or garage.


A mobile tennis court

Tennis can be a tricky sport to play at home, but if you have a reasonably large driveway, you can turn it into a court with this portable tennis net. This set also comes with racquets and tennis balls, so you can start practicing straight away. 

A safe space to punch it out 

Sports gear that can be broken down and stored away when your child isn’t using it is a parent’s dream. This punching bag is inflatable for easy storage and comes with a pair of boxing gloves.


Football practice on the go

Future quarterbacks will benefit from the five different targets on this football throwing net. They can also take it down to the local park or to a friend’s house with the included carry bag. 

A mini gymnastics studio at home

This colorful balance beam is fully adjustable with three different heights, so fledgling gymnasts can start getting used to the feel of a beam beneath their feet without fear of falling too far. When they’re ready, you can raise the bar for added practice.

While vaulting might not translate very well to at-home practice, your child can get a head-start on the bars with this portable gymnastics bar. It includes a sturdy frame and can be adjusted depending on your child’s height and skill level.

A golf course in the spare room

Budding golfers will appreciate this indoor putting green that automatically returns the ball, so long as they keep it on the green. You can use it indoors or outdoors, and the set comes with three golf balls.

Keeping fit at home

Agility and speed are skills that are important for a whole range of sports, like soccer, football, tennis and more. This agility training set will help your child improve their fitness level. It could also be set up to create a fun obstacle course.

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