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Blog Roundup: Halloween Reads

Published on: December 30, 2013

What we're reading this week about Halloween:

Janice D'Arcy, Washington Post: Halloween: The most sexist children's holiday? The war on Halloween

Yahoo News: Fewer babies born on Halloween

The New York Times: Chelsea Market Halloween display raises hackles as well as the dead

CBSConnecticut: Connecticut lawmaker wants to change date of Halloween

The Daily Republic: Halloween safety important, but some say irrational fears abound

What do you think -- are kids' Halloween costumes sexist? Is Halloween becoming a bummer because of parents' concerns about tooth decay, obesity and safety? Are displays becoming too scary? Should we (noooooo) change the date of Halloween so it always falls on a Saturday? Have safety fears gone overboard?

Leave your thoughts -- and other Halloween-related links -- in comments.

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