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Chinese Zodiac: The Rabbit Child

Patty Lindley

Published on: December 08, 2022

Welcome to the Chinese zodiac for kids and parents!

About the Rabbit Child

Chinese Zodiac: RabbitSo sweet their disposition, so even-tempered and obedient their comportment! Angelic Rabbit children are those miraculous tots who can sit quietly in restaurants with adults and occupy themselves with books and toys for hours on end — the kind of unicorn-rare children other parents envy! You will get credit you don’t even deserve for your parenting skills by virtue of your little Rabbit’s precociously decorous qualities.

Ah, but there is a more subterranean factor at work in this child! Adept at masking feelings and intentions, the Rabbit has a keen sense of what adults expect to hear, and deftly and diplomatically maneuvers parents into conforming to their agenda. These children typically get their way, but through subtle navigation, not florid, unseemly displays other children employ to prevail (waterworks, hunger strikes, screaming fits, holding their breath, pitting mom against dad, etc.). Attuned to your personality makeup, they will artfully manipulate the family dynamics (sadly and typically via your weaknesses and blind spots) to engineer the outcome they prefer. And when such tactics backfire and your reprimands rain down on them, they’ll adroitly shed the fallout with a philosophical umbrella of indifference.

Helpful and obedient at home, conforming and well-mannered at school, the Rabbit child will never embarrass or outrage you. In fact, you can rest assured that they will represent the family beautifully in the outside world and will be well-liked in whatever sphere they inhabit. Public poise can transform into fretfulness and sullenness in the privacy of home occasionally, and the Rabbit child can experience sleep disturbances due to moods and illness.

As the sign representing longevity in Chinese mythology, the Rabbit is considered a most providential nativity — the Rabbit child is graced with good fortune and an assurance of happiness in life.

Personality Traits

  • Takes his own counsel but offers sound advice to others
  • Kind
  • Soft-spoken
  • Artistic
  • Naturally reserved
  • Good judgment
  • Graceful manner
  • Can seem indifferent/detached
  • Moody
  • Courteous to loved ones, can be superficial with others
  • Self-assured
  • Apparently docile though strong-willed
  • Cautious
  • Self-controlled
  • Bon vivant
  • Realist
  • Conflict-averse
  • Intelligent
  • Hard to pin down
  • Love of ease
  • Perceptive

Natural Gifts

The Rabbit is the very soul of graciousness, possessing royal manners and a natural sense of discretion. They fall back on civility in all interactions, and are natural-born diplomats in any profession they choose. Rabbits tend to have sharp business acumen, and are ensured success and luck in attracting and managing wealth. The definition of decency and amiability in their dealings with others, the Rabbit’s inscrutability masks a very methodical and discerning knack for getting exactly what they want.

Making Friends

There will be no obstacles to your Rabbit child making friends and influencing people, as they are by nature congenial and peace-loving. Guided emotionally and artistically, they have an attunement in friendship that is warm, if slightly detached.

Best bets: Sheep share the Rabbit’s appreciation for good taste and love of material comforts. Allergic to cloying emotional demands and brutish behavior, the Rabbit finds peaceable companionship with the loyal Dog and the honest Pig. They’ll be less a fan of the vainglorious, critical Rooster and will be averse to the showy, self-involved dramatics of the Tiger.


Amenable to classroom disciplinary policies, the Rabbit child is a dutiful and attentive student who will have the focus and native facility to learn easily. With a natural aptitude for examination and seeing all sides of an issue clearly, the Rabbit makes an effective and intelligent debater, even at a young age. Their accordance with good manners and diplomacy make them a classroom favorite with peers and teachers alike.

The Rabbit’s thoroughness confirms their standing as a good scholar, and they may go on to achieve success in advanced academic settings, seeking the types of disciplines (law, as a great example) that will ensure a comfortable and secure existence.

Parenting the Rabbit Child

Miss/Mr. Congeniality: Rabbits choose to lead a tranquil life and will create and maintain a peaceful and congenial atmosphere. Well-mannered from babyhood, the Rabbit finds “scenes” and heavy emotional demands abhorrent. As a parent, keep in mind how your comportment and management of the household support your child’s sensibilities and requirement for serenity.

Help create a steppingstone from of a stumbling block: The Rabbit, by nature, puts their needs first and is attuned to the acquisition and preservation of their personal creature comforts. Watch out for a tendency in them to be overly materialistic as they grow up; also, help them cultivate a more generous perspective with respect to the needs of others, especially when those needs don’t necessarily align with their own, or may even compete with their own. The likeliest training ground for nurturing consideration for others will be sharing the house, parental attention and possessions with siblings. True consideration for others (and not just a pleasing show of good manners) is a quality that she can develop with your patient and tender intervention.

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