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7 Apps Every College Student Needs

Get peace of mind when your college students are away from home

Erin Danly

Published on: December 21, 2017


Move over Snapchat. Here are seven apps every college student needs, addressing everything from sexual assault to drunk driving to suicide prevention.

The following smartphone apps are free for the basic version and most are available for both iPhone and Android.

Prevent sexual assault           

Circle of 6 lets you contact six designated friends in just two taps when you’re in a sticky situation and fear for your safety. Send them preformed messages to request a phone call or a pick-up. Friends receive your GPS information so they can find you easily.

Similar app: OnWatchOnCampus

Feel safe walking alone

Use bSafe when you have to walk alone, especially at night. You can let friends virtually walk with you by tracking your movements, or you can use the timer mode to indicate how long it should take you to arrive somewhere. If you don’t check in before that time, your friends will be alerted.

Similar apps: MyForce and Kitestring (a text messaging service with similar check-ins)

Report crimes to authorities in real time

LiveSafe, developed by a survivor of the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, allows users to report suspicious activity to nearby police and receive neighborhood safety reports. It also has some features of personal safety apps such as a panic button to alert authorities and the option to tell friends you’re walking alone somewhere.

Determine if you can drive

With Avvo’s Last Call app for iPhone, input the drinks you’ve consumed to determine your approximate blood alcohol content and whether you can safely drive. It can also connect you with DUI attorneys in your area.

Similar apps: DrinkTracker and Breathaleyes (this app does not track drinks but examines involuntary eye movement to determine intoxication)

Get a ride

You know Uber and Lyft. Now meet Curb, which lets you request a ride and pay for it easily.

Similar appEasy Taxi

Keep track of your mental health

Mindoula lets you track your mental health over time through a confidential quiz. You’ll find out if you’re at risk for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder or bipolar disorder, and how to get help if you are.

Prevent suicide

A variety of apps are available to connect to connect to national suicide prevention hotlines or to friends you’ve designated to help you in times of trouble. You can also use these apps to get information on how to handle suicidal thoughts that you or others might be experiencing.

Similar appJust in Case (implemented at the campus-wide level. Ask your college to get on board if they don’t already have it.) 

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Originally published by Avvo. This article was was updated to remove broken links in December 2017.


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