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Cook Once, Feed the Family for Days: Vegetarian Edition

Healthy delicious recipes with one genius time-saving shortcut

Jackie Freeman

Published on: February 05, 2023

Tofu and Chickpea BBQ Sandwiches
Tofu and Chickpea BBQ Sandwiches by She Like's Food

Dinner shortcuts for vegetarians

We are all looking for dinner shortcuts and time-savers during our busy weeks, but we still want to make delicious and nutritious homemade meals for our family. Here’s help.

Many home cooks employ a strategy that we call “cook once, eat for days.” In this idea, you prep the main ingredient for several meals in one day, and then that main ingredient yields tasty — and easy — dinners for several more days. You can eat your “leftover” recipes a couple of days later and a couple of days after that, or freeze the primary component for quick future meals. Genius!

This roundup features recipes for which the main make-ahead ingredient is plant-based, but not to worry, we also have a meat version of cook once, eat for days for omnivorous families.

First up: fun with tofu

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