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Cook Once, Feed the Family for Days

Genius shortcut plan for easy weekday meals for families

Jackie Freeman

Published on: February 05, 2023

The Weekender

Shortcut dinners save time and stress

Like my mother always said, why spend extra time in the kitchen making dinner when you don't have to? Many strategic home cooks employ a strategy that we call “cook once, eat for days.” In this idea, you prep the main ingredient for several meals in one day, and then that main ingredient yields tasty — and easy — dinners for several more days. You can eat your “leftover” recipes a couple of days later and a couple of days after that, or freeze the primary component for future meals. Genius!

This roundup features recipes where the main make-ahead ingredient is meat, but not to worry, we also have a veg version of cook once, eat for days for vegetarian or vegetarian-leaning families.

First up: slow-cooker brisket

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