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Great Ideas in Action

Published on: February 23, 2015


ParentMap March 2015 Issue

“Seattle is a city that believes in the power of a good idea — and then invites everyone to the table to take that idea to the next step.” 

— Leonard Garfield, executive director, Museum of History and Industry

For decades I’ve given the identical response to my lovingly intrusive relatives’ (aunts, cousins and my three Seattle-born kids) inquiries of how my husband Bobby and I could have possibly chosen to journey to Seattle and leave them behind in Chicago, along with “Da Bears”!

“Seattle gives oxygen to the world” has been my standard answer for decades. You might jump to conclude this hyperbolic statement is false — but ponder these Seattle institutions that roll of any tongue: Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Expedia. You have a mere sampling of the many thousands of “thinkers and tinkers” who created the bedrock of innovation that serves up coffee and global healthcare, fights to reduce poverty for citizens worldwide, and gives us the ability to travel and buy just about anything with one click. The relatives get it!

One of the magical aspects of the 'Seattle Effect' is the variety of audacious organizations that do not run out of heart. Your jaw will drop learning about cures for childhood cancer, citizen empowerment and startup-style fast pitches to support innovative young social entrepreneurs’ passion to improve their world.

By creating innovative parenting content that highlights thought leadership and making that content easily accessible to you each day, we hope you see us as a part of “the Seattle effect.” Our audacious team is made up of persistent and passionate advocates who championed last year’s Just Ask gun-safety campaign. This year we’re enthusiastically devoted to our Making It Work content to move the needle on improved work/life balance.

We’re ecstatic to host Seattle parenting expert and luminary Dr. Laura Kastner, Ph.D., clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Washington. As parents, you are forever trying to manage your beloved children’s tears, fears and fits. You want to be loving parents who support your child’s secure attachment; self-control and positive discipline will help your child develop new competencies!

Join Dr. Kastner’s lecture with your partner or friend, and you’ll leave laughing, armed with handy tools for these goals and more. Dr. Kastner will address many controversies parents of toddlers and young children face, including how to integrate unconditional love with limit-setting, manage and enjoy technology in your family life, and deal with couples’ parenting conflicts.

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