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Delightful New Books for Everyone on Your Holiday List

From preschoolers to grown-ups, we’ve got book ideas for all your loved ones

Published on: December 08, 2023

Delightful New Books for Everyone on Your Holiday List

mom and baby reading a book

Picks for babies and toddlers

Gloo Books Baby Go! Bundle” by Vanessa Lee Christensen, illustrated by Audrey Lee 

Mom-founded Gloo Books aims to publish “books for a more inclusive, just and compassionate future.” The very youngest readers are whisked away on global adventures to learn about the culture, food and languages of the world. This bundle is made up of four board books — "Baby Go! South Korea," "Baby Go! Japan," "Baby Go! Thailand" and "Baby Go! China."

I Love You, Baby by Mudpuppy,” illustrations by Andy Passchier 

Mudpuppy isn’t just one of our favorite puzzle makers. It also offers interactive books, like this waterproof bath book that changes colors when it’s immersed in water. Kids turn the pages to see different baby animals in black and white that become full-color images when submerged in a bath. And who doesn’t love reading in the bath? 

Hello, World! Rocks and Minerals” by Jill McDonald 

Kids love shiny things so why not give your tiniest readers a book that teaches them all about some of the shiniest things around? Discover real-world treasures through colors, shapes, sizes and facts geared toward budding brains. Part of a dynamic series that has been putting out non-fiction board books for kids, this one came out in 2022. This year brought us the addition of “Hello, World! Exploring Insects” and in 2024 there’s a new one coming out all about growing pumpkins. 

You Are Light” by Aaron Becker

Though this book has been out for a few years, it is my go-to gift for any new baby because it is the perfect combination of beauty and sweetness. A die-cut book that allows the colors to shine through, if this is among the first books of any child’s library, the interactive, inspiring element of it will help ensure you raise a life-long reader. 

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