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11 Music Apps and Online Music Enrichment for Kids

Published on: September 05, 2013

In an era when music and arts education is being cut from schools, many parents are looking for ways to fill in the gaps. Private music lessons are nice, but not everyone can afford them, and hardly anyone has time to cart kids to yet another scheduled activity. 

One tool is technology. There are so many apps and digital enrichment programs that finding the right one can quickly become overwhelming. To help, we’ve collected some of our favorite music apps to get started. (Also, check out our digital arts apps.)

These are listed by the youngest appropriate age group, but many will also engage older children and even adults. (Add in your favorites in the comments!)


There are several apps that help preschoolers recognize a variety of musical instruments and sounds. After 15 minutes with one of these apps, my 4-year-old spent the rest of the day calling out the names of instruments she recognized in songs on the radio.

Art & Music Apps for Kids Meet the Orchestra iPhone iPad1. Meet the Orchestra. $1.99, iOS


Animal Orchestra Art & Music Apps for Kids Google Play Android

2. Animal Orchestra.  FREE, Android 

Sound Recall Music App for Kids
3. Sound Recall is a fun game that uses colored shapes to teach players of all ages to recognize notes and memorize sequences in pitch order. $0.99, iOS


Grade school students, or anyone who is just beginning to learn to read music, can practice reading sheet music with these apps.

Notable Music App for Kids Learn Sheet Music Iphone or Ipad4. Notable. FREE, iOS

Sheet Music Trainer App for Kids Google Android5. Sheet Music Trainer. FREE, Android. 


Arts and Music Apps for Kids Perfect Pitch Trainer Android6. Perfect Pitch Trainer is like Sound Recall in that it teaches users how to recognize notes, but for an older audience. FREE, Android.


For motivated teens, an instrumental instruction apps can be a great way to try out a new instrument or even achieve proficiency. Piano and guitar apps are most common, but the variety of instruments available is always growing.

Music App for Kids Piano Lesson iPhone or iPad7. Piano Lesson. FREE, iOS

Art and Music Apps for Kids Beginner Guitar Songs iPhone8. Beginner Guitar Songs. FREE, iOS

Music Apps for Kids Piano Lessons Online Android App9. Piano Instructor. FREE, Android

Learn to Play Guitar Music App for Kids Android10. Learn to Play Guitar. $1.62, Android

There is even an app that teaches students how to tune their violin.

Art and Music Apps for Kids Tuner and Violin Sheet Music11. Tuner and Violin Sheet Music. FREE, Android


About the author: Gemma Alexander is a Seattle-based writer and mother of two.



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