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Dr. Michael Riera: Parenting tweens and teens

Published on: December 30, 2013

rieraDr. Michael Riera is part of our 2011 Lecture Series -- he's at Town Hall Seattle on March 23.  In his talk, "Uncommon Sense for Parenting Tweens and Teens," he'll give you thoughtful, unusual tips for dealing with sometimes-troubling teen behavior, giving kids appropriate freedom, and helping them to develop integrity.

Dr. Riera was on KPLU today, talking about stereotypes, sleep schedules, and the opportunity for growth that teens present to adults:

Raising a teenager may be the quintessential self-help tool there is in the world. Because raising a teenager forces you to look in the mirror at yourself about what’s important, what do I care about, how much do I live in the present.

Parents of kids at this stage of life need all the help they can get (says this mother of a 16-year-old). Do plan to join us on March 23!

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