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More Than S’mores: 7 Super Fun and Easy Campfire Desserts

Sweet snacks that kids can cook over a fire

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Published on: July 14, 2020


There’s something special about being snuggled up around the campfire as a family, telling ghost stories and indulging in roasted sweets. For some reason, food just tastes better after a long day of exploring the wilderness. The following recipes are easy, require few ingredients (or cookware!) and are perfect for creative kiddos — just be prepared to get a little sticky in the process.

Campfire cinnamon skewers

This recipe has all the decadence of cinnamon rolls with none of the fuss. Almost Supermom shares how to make these easy three-ingredient skewers. Have them for breakfast or dessert — they’re sure to be a crowd-pleaser no matter the time of day!

Banana boats

If you’ve never heard of a banana boat, it’s a cross between a banana split and a s’more. Aside from being super yummy, they’re also a blast to make. The more toppings you bring, the better — kids will love coming up with different combinations, but if you need a good starting place, try one of these banana boat recipes from Fresh Off the Grid.

Campfire cones

The possibilities are endless for these gooey cones, but Genius Kitchen has some great inspiration. Fill them with candy, nuts, fruit and more. We recommend keeping marshmallows in the equation for a toasty, melty cone.

Individual brownie cakes

Have room in your pack for just-add-water brownie mix? Try these clever cakes from Tablespoon! The orange peel provides a cookware alternative that’ll add a touch of citrusy flavor to the rich chocolate cakes. Top with cinnamon cereal as Tablespoon suggests, or come up your own favorite garnish.

Pie packets

Who says pie is hard to make? If you have aluminum foil, you can cook your very own individual pie right over the fire pit. The Country Cook’s version calls for apples and cranberries, but don’t feel limited. You can try other fruit combinations like peaches and blueberries — and if you miss the crunch of crust, bring along some streusel crumble to sprinkle on top before baking.

Nutella burritos

These Nutella wraps from Souffle Bombay are sinfully easy — especially since they borrow ingredients from other camp-friendly meals (tortillas from a taco dinner, Nutella from sandwich lunches, etc.). If your campfire has a grill, throw them on by themselves. Or, if you’re roughing it, wrap them in foil and place them directly on the coals.

Fancy-pants s’more variations

If your family just can’t shy away from the classic campfire treat, try these incredible variations from Shared Appetite. Bacon lovers will dig the candied bacon s’mores, Girl Scouts will go ga-ga over Samoa s’mores and, yes, there’s even a caramel option. You can even go gluten-free with Rice Krispies instead of graham crackers.

Need a more adult option? Dabbles and Babbles suggest dipping your marshmallows in Bailey’s Irish Cream for a grown-up s’more.

Now, where to go?

Pitch a tent, grab a yurt or take a hike at any of these fun spots:

    Editor’s note: This article was originally published in June 2018, and updated in July 2019.

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