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5 Super Stroller Hikes in Western Washington

Toddler-friendly hikes for families from local hiking-with-kids guidebook

Author Susan Elderkin

Published on: August 01, 2022

Rainy Lake. Credit: Jon Stier

Stroller-friendly hikes for Northwest families

Editor's note: Just about everything changes when you add a baby to the mix. But outdoors-loving Northwest families with babies and young children don't have to give up forays into the mountains. In this excerpt from the 2018 guidebook "Best Hikes With Kids: Western Washington," published by Mountaineers Books, author Susan Elderkin picks out five hikes that are most conducive to strollers and little legs. So, head for the hills with your tots in tow to enjoy the gorgeous views, breathe in the mountain air and connect with nature.

Use the arrows above the image to page through each of the hikes. Text and photos excerpted with permission from "Best Hikes With Kids: Western Washington" (Mountaineers Books, April 2018) by Susan Elderkin.

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