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15 Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities for Kids

Published on: November 03, 2011

Thanksgiving harvest crowns by MADEThanksgiving Harvest Royalty

Got a house full of young harvest royals? (Don't we all?) Check out MADE's fun idea for making harvest crowns with your kids. They're quick and easy, yet'll offer plenty of creative play!

Fabricate your crowns with poster board, fake leaves (or real, perhaps!), and an adhesive such as tape or staples. Mama Dana warns that her tots had a hard time with the white glue as the leaves wouldn't lay flat, so they chose to go with staples (though tape or hot glue could also do the trick).

Thanksgiving art turkeys by Let's ExploreVibrant Jivin' Turkeys

Let's Explore features these cool, artsy turkeys made from repurposed artwork. We love those colorful feathers!

Perfect as a two-in-one art project, this vibrant turkey portrait is an easy one for young kids to make, as it only includes painting, gluing, and cutting. To get started on your turkey feathers, Mama Amy suggests setting up a "painting buffet," with various tools that will give your feathers different textures. Once the feathers have been dried, simply cut them up and begin adding them to your turkey's beautiful plume.

Thanksgiving gourd birds by Maya*MadeGorgeous Gourds

We can't get enough of the stunning gourd birds featured on Maya*Made! Never before have we thought about turning simple autumn gourds into a flock of beautiful holiday birds, but we're definitely impressed.

To make your own, start by taking a trip into the woods to find your birdie's accessories -- Maya's clan used berries, leaves and pods with sturdy stems. Maya then poked holes into the gourds with a thumbtack (under her daughter's direction), and her daughter got to work on decking out their new flock of friends. Similar to a Mr. Potato Head activity, we have no doubt that these birds will look gorgeous as a holiday table centerpiece or on your mantle.

Thanksgiving wooden spool turkeys by Made by JoelSensational Spool Turkeys

Looking to give your Thanksgiving decorations a hip and modern spin this year? Don't miss out on these wooden spool turkeys featured on Made by Joel!

Included in last year's Parents magazine as a must-have Thanksgiving craft, these cool little turkeys are easily made with wooden spools, floral wire, colorful paper, a button, and fancy feathers. Check out the full how-to on -- these little birdies are sure to be a hit! As an additional idea, we think these baby turkeys could work might well as easy homemade magnets for the fridge.

Thanksgiving feather hunt by Alpha MomFeather Findings

If you're looking for a fun activity to keep your tots busy while the adults finish mashing potatoes and stirring gravy in the kitchen, consider throwing a Thanksgiving feather hunt, like this one shared by Mama Sarah on Alpha Mom.

Before the hunt, let your little ones get busy with bedazzling their feather-finding sacks. Next up, (in Sarah's words): "While the kids are busy decorating their sacks with stickers, have one of the lazy football fans get off his rump and hide the feathers around the house. When the feathers are properly hidden, let the little ones loose!" This idea has been so popular with Sarah's youngsters, that they're even thinking about having a paper snowflake hunt for Christmas!

Thanksgiving thankful tree by Make and TakesBranches of Thanks

Make and Takes features this wonderful idea for making a homemade "thankful tree" in honor of Thanksgiving. And this is certainly one simple craft that can accomplish quite a bit in terms of family time!

To get started, have your family members write down all of the things that they're thankful for -- we love how one of Mama Marie's kids wrote "everything." (Good answer!) After your message are written down, simply attach them to a tree branch with glue or tape. How you choose to reveal or discuss your answers is up to you, though this tree is a perfect idea for a Thanksgiving centerpiece (and will most likely make for some great family dinner conversations).

Paper bag Thanksgiving turkey by One Charming PartyPaper Party Gobbler

Looking for some interesting appetizers for this year's holiday feast? Don't miss out on One Charming Party's great idea for making a paper bag turkey filled with popcorn!

To get started, you'll want to have a large brown grocery bag, two brown lunch bags, a hot glue gun, scissors, white paper for the drumstick frills, and up to four bags of store-bought popcorn. Check out the full post for a detailed tutorial, along with other neat ideas for having a memorable Thanksgiving kids' table.

Thanksgiving leaf garland by The Artful ParentLeaves of Love

Mama Jean, also known as The Artful Parent, shares this fabulous idea for making a Thanksgiving leaf garland for sharing your family's gratitude this season. And all of the notes are on actual leaves!

To make your own, you'll want to start by going on a neighborhood leaf hunt with your little ones. After you've gathered your leaves and pressed them for flatness, simply start decking them out with messages and drawings, using metallic Sharpie pens. Jean chose to use a satin black ribbon and a glue gun for hanging her family's garland -- don't miss out on the full tutorial for more tips on creating your own!

Thanksgiving pine cone turkey by Amazing MomsPine Cone Pretty

Another great idea to add to your Thanksgiving crafts file, we can't get enough of this fun and silly pine cone turkey featured on Amazing Moms.

Simply made with pine cones, tissue paper, construction paper, and googly eyes, these cute little gobblers are a perfect project for younger tots. Not to mention the fact that it offers up an excellent excuse for heading outside on a backyard pine cone hunt!

Thanksiving gratitude journal by InhabitotsJournal of Thanks

Inhabitots offers up this great idea for helping your youngster make a Thanksgiving "gratitude journal." And because Inhabitots is known for its fun, eco-friendly crafts, they show you just how to make this project with homemade glue and odds and ends found around your home.

For decorations, they present loads of good ideas, such as tin foil, magazines, dried pasta, ribbons, fabric scraps, and of course, good old crayons and markers. Be sure to check out the full post for the homemade glue recipe, and to see the rest of their suggestions for bedazzling!

Thanksgiving turkey bowling by Make and TakesTurkey Take Down

Make and Takes' Mama Marie shares this fun idea for setting up a hallway turkey bowling alley for your little ones, as the big kids and adults play football in the backyard.

Though Marie repurposed an old set of plastic bowling pins, this game could easily be played with plastic bottles as well. And then all you'll need to worry about is jazzing up your turkeys with some bold and beautiful colors -- well, you might need to work on fine-tuning your turkey strike skills!

Light bulb turkey craft by Crafts by AmandaDe-lightful Turkeys

This crafty little light bulb turkey featured on Crafts by Amanda was way too cute not to share. Honestly -- check out that little hat!

To make your own light bulb birdie, gather a light bulb, feathers, paint, and either wood or craft foam shapes for the feet. (And don't forget the teensy hat with a silk flower!)

Be sure to check out Amanda's full post and walk-through for tips and tricks -- she also provides printable instructions, for all of you busy mamas on the go.

Thanksgiving harvest garland by The Magic OnionsSimple Harvest Garlands

If you're looking for a quick and easy Thanksgiving decorating idea, consider stringing up a beautiful harvest garland like this one featured on The Magic Onions.

To get started, you'll only need to thinly slice some apples and oranges to string for drying. After your fruits have completely dried (takes about a day), restring them on a fresh piece of yarn, and hang them in your home. That's all it takes to make this super-simple, yet totally fabulous, garland for the harvest season!

Thanksgiving paper plate turkey by Meet the DubiensEasy Peasy Gobblers

If you're looking for a simple Thanksgiving turkey project to make with your kiddo, don't miss out on this artsy feathered friend, featured on Meet the Dubiens.

To get started, simply slather up a paper plate with "turkey-colored" paint, and once the paint is dry, begin adding your birdie's plume and features. Perfect for small hands, we think this crafty seasonal project would be a good one for hanging on the front door to greet your Thanksgiving guests.

Native American headdress by No Time for Flash CardsHomemade Headdress

What would Thanksgiving be without paying homage to our fellow Native American friends?! Needless to say, we're sure there are plenty of tots out there who would be pretty darn excited to make and wear a cool and colorful headdress, like this one featured on No Time for Flash Cards.

A great project for younger kids, you'll only need to have construction paper, feathers, ribbon, crayons, double-stick tape, scissors, and a hole punch on hand to create your own vibrant headdress. Check out the full post for the full scoop and a great pictorial!

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