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There Are No Other People’s Children

7 essays written for parents, by parents

Published on: September 29, 2017

three kids

October is a special month here at ParentMap. Every year, we publish what we call the Every Child issue in tandem with one of our biggest events: the Every Child Resource Fair at the University of Washington. Both the issue and the free resource fair celebrate and support families with children of all abilities.

This year, we decided to get the story straight from them.

Community of Mindful Parenting

What follows is a collection of personal essays written by parents. Some have children with autism. Others with dyslexia and Down syndrome. One mom has ADHD, diagnosed at age 34. All of them are dedicated to unconditionally loving and supporting their children.

By reading these essays, we hope you see some of yourself. What struggles are they facing that you can relate to? Which joys have they known that you too understand? These stories remind us that when it comes to parenting, there are no other people’s children. We’re all in this together.

  1. The Secret Language of Chickens: How a family pet helped a boy communicate
  2. Dangling Without a Diagnosis: Moving forward on an unclear path

  3. Parenting in the Present: Why special needs aren't so special

  4. Undercover Expertise: A mom on trusting her gut

  5. It's Not a Catastrophe: Learning to cope, one year at a time

  6. My Daughter's Superpower: A mother's diagnosis helps inform her daughter's

  7. 'But She Looks So Normal': Reflections from a mom of an Asian American child who has Down syndrome

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