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Published on: September 06, 2009

Get it together!

birdieArgh! You’ve waited too long; now it’s down to the wire. You need the name of a good summer camp, stat! Or maybe it’s last-minute child care or a new pediatrician — whatever. You’ve got a problem. What to do?

Call in a solid from a dialed-in friend who knows just how to help, whether it’s finding you a fabulous midwife, magician, museum or Macarena lessons. It’s your friendly, award-winning annual publication, Family Directory, at your service, in print and online.

In the print edition, you’ll find more than 1,500 listings, and online, thousands more — some crucial, some creative, some a tad crazy. And our fun-loving round-up of family events — chosen for you by our nationally recognized adventure diva Kris Collingridge — is packed with great ideas for getting out and about with your kids.

The two dozen savvy moms and dads at here at ParentMap know all about that wonderful circus that is life with kids. We’re here to make things a little simpler by hooking you up to the tremendous resources for parents in our area, spanning five local counties. Our award-winning Web site includes all the great content of our print publications, plus a powerful, continually-updated searchable calendar and directory.

In addition to Family Directory, we publish the monthly parenting newsmagazine, ParentMap, and BabyMap, both of which were recently honored with our industry’s highest awards for excellence, the PPA Gold Award. We’re also proud to bring you LearningMap, SummerMap and PartyMap.

Our Pathways lecture series brings in the best and brightest minds around — like John Gottman and Laura Kastner — to inspire and educate you on your parenting journey. And we host the LearningMap Education Fair and several Preschool Preview Nights each year, to help you make those important education decisions.

We are in constant motion here at ParentMap, launching new events and publications for parents, updating our info and contacts, scouting out new resources, new adventures, cool new haunts and deals and the hippest new media we can find.

We hope you’ll consider us part of your parental-support system. Let us know how we’re doing!

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