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11 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts From Northwest Makers

Impress Mom with these cool and thoughtful gifts

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Published on: May 01, 2024

Two women relaxing in pajamas from a local seattle gift shop

Brunch and tulips are still solid standbys, but if you’re looking to freshen up your Mother’s Day gift list for that stylish mom in your life, look no further. Welcome to ParentMap’s first ever all-local Mother’s Day gift guide for cool moms curated especially for you by me, a local mom whose teenage son is not convinced that I am, in fact, “cool.” Nevertheless, I persist.

This year, I’m thrilled to spotlight a vibrant collection of gift ideas featuring artisan Northwest creators that make for thoughtful gifts any time of year. As a bonus, most of these gifts are from indie makers and sellers of color.

Whether you’re shopping for your mom, a maternal figure or treating yourself, this guide is here to help you celebrate Mother’s Day with local flair while supporting our Puget Sound small businesses.

1. Under the Mango Tree perfume, $93 for 30 mL

With top notes of green mango skin and bergamot and a heart note of rose water, Under the Mango Tree by Anjali Perfumes is a sophisticated nod to the bright woodiness of spring in full bloom. Artisan perfumer Anjali Vandemark says that this fragrance is inspired by the mango trees from her childhood in India and that she was “looking to represent the feel of the tree trunk, its deep green leaves and the feel of the earth as you sit under it” as she crafted this singular scent. All Anjali perfumes are made in small batches on Bainbridge Island.

"Under the Mango Tree perfume Seattle gifts for mom"
Under the Mango Tree perfume. Photo courtesy Anjali Perfumes

2. Cement tape dispenser, $22

This gift is not for every mom, but for those it is, I promise this item will delight her weird, office-supply-obsessed heart like no other gift on my list. (It’s me. Hi, I’m the weird mom. It’s me.) This industrial chic cement tape dispenser from mom and graphic designer-turned-desk-necessity-maker Holly Knoll of Left Corner Goods will be the star of her home office, and could be used to protect your family from burglars. It’s handmade in solid gypsum cement. Available online in eight beautifully chalky colors.

3. Tula saison, $17, 750ml bottle, 5.1% ABV

According to couple co-founders Howard and Rose, Hildegard Ferments + Botanicals is the “smallest brewery and apothecary in Seattle.” Named after their daughter, the Tula Saison offers clean bitterness with a soft spice presence from fermentation. A creative alternative to wine, this effervescent beer is perfect to pair with a sharp aged cheddar or bowl of pad thai. Available online from their shop located in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, which is open on first and third Sundays from 2–5 p.m., or by appointment.

" Tula saison Seattle gifts for moms"
 Tula saison. Photo courtesy Hildegard Ferments + Botanicals

4. Eclipse brass bottle opener, $45

Do you have a mom in your life who wore shoes that made her delicate feet look like cloven hooves last year? Perhaps a mom with an asymmetrical haircut and flawless eyebrows? Glasswing has the perfect artsy addition to her home bar. Designed by Oji Masanori and made by a Japanese brass foundry founded in Takaoka in 1897, this geometric brass bottle opener is inspired by the movement of the moon and will last her a lifetime, while developing a rich patina over time. Available at Glasswing on Capitol Hill or online.

5. Cedar bough earrings, $120

Stun the nature-loving mom in your life with Eighth Generation’s cedar bough earrings in sterling silver. In the traditions of Native cultures throughout our region, these earrings, designed by Native artist Louie Gong (Nooksack), symbolize the spirit of the Northwest and represent shelter, art, ceremony and the timeless connection between humans and the natural world. Available online and at their flagship store in downtown Seattle. Eighth Generation is a Seattle-based art and lifestyle brand owned by the Snoqualmie Tribe. All jewelry is hand-cast in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.

"Eighth Generation Seattle gifts for moms"
Cedar bough earrings. Photo courtesy Eighth Generation

6. Habanero peanut brittle, $14 for 6 oz.

Locally crafted but inspired by the Louisiana kitchen of the candy maker’s aunt, Lanier’s Fine Candies is bringing a little heat while tantalizing the Pacific Northwest’s sweet tooth. This surprising treat blends habanero peppers with fresh peanuts and kettle-made brittle to create a crunchy candy that’s nothing like the peanut brittle of your bland youth. If the moms in your life prefer their indulgences with a little less kick, Lanier’s dark chocolate macadamia brittle ($20 for 6 oz.) or original cashew brittle with honey ($14 for 6 oz.) are delicious choices too. Available online or at markets across the Greater Seattle area, from Kirkland to Tacoma.

7. Handcrafted silk pajama set, $55–$75

Tie-dye pandemic sweatsuits are still reliable weekend wear, but for Mother’s Day that hardworking mom in your life deserves a little luxe. Handmade Silkin pajama sets by Seattle designer Hoa Tran are butter-soft and both comfy and classy, in prints to suit all styles from citrus stripes to flirty florals.

"Silkin pajama sets by Seattle designer Hoa Tran"
Silkin pajama sets by Seattle designer Hoa Tran. Photo courtesy Silkin

8. Classic tote bag, $110

That Trader Joe’s tote bag has been working just fine for years, but trust me, it’s time for an update. BLK Pine Workshop founders Nin Truong and Christa Thomas just may have designed the perfect classic leather canvas medium tote for moms with a working/shopping/baby traveling mission. It’s just roomy enough – 15 ounces of duck canvas with riveted leather handles and plenty of space for a laptop and perhaps a small pet. This everyday bag is also as classic as it is considered, featuring an interior zipper drop pocket, metal snap button closure and a removable canvas shoulder strap. I like the navy with tan handles.

9. Upper chakra flashy soul chain with crystal, $196

"Charka flashy soul chain with crystal Seattle gifts for moms"
Soul chain necklace. Photo courtesy Ola Wyola

Is there a more perfect metaphor for that special mom in your life than this powerfully pretty stunner? No, there is not. Seattle magic maker Rainbow-Renée Wyola Manier of Ola Wyola crafts her Soul Chains necklaces from creatively combined vintage pieces and one-of-a-kind crystals. According to Manier, the labradorite in this piece calms an overactive mind, energizes imagination and eliminates the emotional drain of daily routine. Is that true? I have no idea! But I love this necklace and anything that might bring a little charm and chill to our necks and into our lives.

Click quick! While Ola Wyola has many beautiful options to choose from, there’s only one of this particular piece. 

10. Watermelon gummies, $30 for a pack of 10, 10mg CBD/10mg THC per candy

Do you have a mom in your life with a sweet tooth and a need for a little trip without leaving the house? The 1:1 watermelon gummies from sustainability-conscious cannabis candy crafter Binske are vegan, made with real fruit, and are infused with top-quality CBD and THC. As a bonus, these gummies are Mother’s Day gift-giving ready in a darkly tropical reusable tin decorated with a little sassy flamingo. Available for 21+ purchase at The Bakeréé in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood.

11. “Ephemera: A Graphic Memoir” by Briana Loewinsohn, $25

"“Ephemera: A Graphic Memoir” by Briana Loewinsohn Seattle gifts for mom"
 “Ephemera: A Graphic Memoir” Photo: Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery

Discover the mesmerizing world of "Ephemera," a debut graphic memoir by artist Briana Loewinsohn, who is also a high school teacher and a mom. Set amidst the lush backdrop of a garden, a forest and a greenhouse, "Ephemera" takes readers on a dreamlike journey through the complex relationship between a daughter and a mother grappling with mental illness. A unique choice for Mother’s Day, "Ephemera" offers a quiet, contemplative look at family bonds, portrayed through a beautiful blend of memory and imagination. Available online at and at the Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood.

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