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Family Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Puget Sound parents show this holiday’s not just for kids

Published on: October 02, 2019

Rainbow costume
The author and her family. Photo credit: JiaYing Grygiel

Get with the kids

Halloween is the best holiday of the year — a big party without any of the baggage. Sure, you could run to Target last minute and grab the last witch hat left on the racks, but what’s the fun in that? You only have a few years of compliance before the kids want to do their own things, so make the most of it. Here are some coordinated family costumes that were months in the making.

My kids are obsessed with rainbows, so one year they went as double rainbows. My husband and I tagged along as rain and sun, respectively. I bought a pile of fabric from Joann Fabrics and cut out the shapes freehand. We started plotting this year’s costumes, and my 7-year-old suddenly had a light-bulb moment: “Wait, sun and rain make rainbows …” Doh! Not ready to have that discussion yet.

Scroll through the arrows above to see more creative ideas that your kids will love. 

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