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15 Homemade Popsicles for Kids

Strawberry shortcake popsicles by Bakers Royale Strawberry Season Must-Have

Bakers Royale shares this genius idea for making strawberry shortcake popsicles! Last week we were crushing on strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwiches, but this low-fat summer treat has also taken our hearts by storm.

Mama Naomi used vanilla yogurt, crushed vanilla Oreos and pureed strawberries with a Dixie Cup mold to make these must-have treats, but she also suggests replacing the Oreos with Nilla Wafers to shave off a couple of extra calories. All in all, a guilt-free treat for mom and a sweet snack for the kids -- absolute perfection. Be sure to visit Bakers Royale for freezing times and more.

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