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Snow, Sun, Storms: Four Getaways that Embrace the Best of Winter

Boy on beachWith spring break still weeks away, you may be dreading the soggy, grey remaining weekends of our Puget Sound winter. Here’s a little antidote to the winter doldrums: don’t wait to escape winter, try embracing it.

To plan your perfect getaway, first determine what your family would most enjoy right now. Are your kids restless from being cooped up inside all winter? Pack plenty of layers and head straight into the snowy mountains — playing in the cold and snow will invigorate them. Got a weather buff in the house? There is nothing like watching a winter storm roll in from the front window of a cozy cabin on the Oregon Coast.

Are your kids enthralled with nature? The San Juan Islands are both stunning and serene this time of year, with no ferry lines in sight. And the trees at Lake Quinault are always magnificent.

You can’t change the weather, but you can change the scenery. Here are four getaways that embrace the best of winter.

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