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Goody Bag FAQs

Want to showcase your business at an upcoming ParentMap event?

Published on: August 07, 2015

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Want to showcase your business with a goody bag insert at an upcoming ParentMap event? Please contact the ParentMap advertising department to learn about pricing and options.

Already booked a goody bag insert? Read on for answers. If you still have questions, please contact the ParentMap Events department.

What type of bags are the goody bags?

All of our bags are cloth, reusable “grocery” bags that the parents can use to collect information at all of the vendor booths. These bags are meant to be reused for groceries or just general hauling of everyday items. The bags are blue or white with a ParentMap logo on the side and have additional sponsor logos.

When do I need to submit my materials, how many bags and what attendance can we expect at each of the events?

There are no current event opportunities for goody bags at this time. Please contact to be notified when those do become available. 

Where do I submit my materials?

You can send or hand deliver the materials anytime by the due date (see the above).

Please send/deliver to:
ParentMap/The UPS Store
7683 SE 27th St #124
Mercer Island, WA 98040
RE: (Event) (Date of Event) Goody Bags

NOTE: If you hand-deliver your inserts to The UPS Store, be sure to get a receipt from the staff to indicate they received your collateral before leaving. Please also make sure that there are no loose items. All items MUST be in a sealed box or envelope.

What type of materials can I give for the goody bag?

One of the following:

  • Marketing paper (flyer, brochure, postcard, etc.). Must be limited to one piece of paper (no booklets or brochures that have multiple sheets).
  • Small marketing swag (i.e. key chain, pencil/pen, magnet, etc.)
  • Promotional item (coupon, advertisement for an event, special discounts, etc.)

Please contact the Events Team for approval if your item doesn't fit within this list and/or includes anything food-related.

Who will receive the goody bags?

All families attending the event will receive a bag. ParentMap strives to provide enough bags to distribute to all families. Families can receive more than one bag upon request. However, it is impossible to gauge exactly how many families will attend the event so the number of bags may not exactly equal the number of families.

What does the goody bag fee cover and how do I pay for it?

The goody bag fee is the price of additional marketing exposure for your organization. The goody bag fee helps cover the cost of the bags themselves, the labor to coordinate the bag items and to stuff the bags and the additional time and labor to deliver and distribute the bags to the event.

Goody bags are booked through your Partnership and Advertising Account Manager. The day of event an emailed invoice is sent from ParentMap's billing department.

To include a second item in the goody bags costs an additional $50 fee. All second items submitted must be from the same organization as the first items. 

Questions about printing? Try Seattle Costco or the Mercer Island UPS store

Please do not send payment with your goody bag insert materials. 

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