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Great Lake Hikes: 5 Family Hikes to Mountain Lakes in Western Washington

Kid-friendly hikes for swimming, berry-picking and trail exploring

Lauren Braden

Published on: August 07, 2020

Best-hikes-to-lakes-Washington-families-kids-Bagley-Lake-Mount Baker
Bagley Lakes at Mount Baker. Credit: Nordique via Flickr CC

Hike to a lake!

As we hit the peak of hot summer days, gather your crew and take a wander to a mountain lake. Exploring glacier-fed waters and picking late-summer berries are great ways to break up the routine. Pile the kids into the car, grab swimsuits and hiking boots and head for the mountains, where nature’s pools await.

Mountain lakes are fed by glaciers and snowmelt, so be aware the water can be quite chilly, even in summer. Lake bottoms may be sandy or rocky, jagged or smooth, so pack Crocs or water sandals to protect small feet. There is no lifeguard on duty in the wilderness, obviously. so keep a close eye on children and understand you’re swimming at your own risk. Never allow children to venture under a waterfall, as small rocks can tumble over in the cascade and cause injury.

Use the arrows above the image to find a lake hike that suits your crew.

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