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Great Ramadan Reads for Kids of All Ages

13 books about the Islamic month of Ramadan celebrate Muslim identity

Published on: April 06, 2021

grandmother and granddaughter reading together

Great Ramadan Reads

Growing up Muslim in the Pacific Northwest isn’t always easy. This year’s Ramadan (April 12–May 12, 2021) won’t present Seattle families with some of the usual challenges — kids won’t have to take high-stakes tests or compete in sports championships while fasting, and parents won’t have to worry about negotiating with schools for better support of their fasting children.

But this year, Muslim families face a whole raft of new pandemic-related worries that are familiar to all of us. Whether you are Muslim and looking for books to help your child celebrate Ramadan at home, or you belong to another faith and want your child to better understand their neighbors, we’ve rounded up a list of Ramadan-related books for all ages with the help of Seattle Public Library’s children’s librarians. 

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