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16 Great Winter Gear Ideas for Kids

Keep your kids warm and dry during all your winter-weather activities with these fun and practical products!

Published on: January 23, 2015

Rain! Sleet! Snow!

The winter months can bring all kinds of weather, but with the right gear you can still be outdoors, and stay warm and dry. Light-up rain boots, animal hats with the scarf and mittens attached, reusable hand warmers, awesome umbrellas and cool sleds — we have 16 great products to make any snowy or rainy day fun! 

Photo credit: REI

No more lost mittens 

Are you tired of the kids losing their gloves and mittens? Wintertime with small children can sometimes feel like an unending game of lost and found.These glove clips from REI are made of sturdy 3mm cord and non-rusting metal. Clips one end to the coat sleeve and the other to the glove to keep it all together.

Photo credit: Amazon

Seattle Sombrero

Of course this awesome hat by Outdoor Research is called the Seattle Sombrero. It's waterproof, breathable, and made from 3-layer 70D Taslan GORE-TEX® fabric. Seams are taped, the foam-stiffened brim floats, it has an internal cinch, and hook/loop tabs on the brim and dome to allow the sides of the brim to be flipped up. Oh, and there's a removable chin cord with cordlock. Available at Amazon and elsewhere, this hat comes in many colors and is the answer to our prayers: Fun without getting sopped!

Photo Credit: Wacky Planet

Tiny tigers

This cute tiger hat with both scarf and mittens attached can make a parent’s life easier! These combo hats are made of faux fur and come in a variety of different animal characters. One size fits most adults and kids.

Photo Credit: RainRaps


Weather can change on a dime, and kids are so active they need to be prepared for anything. RainRaps has made it easy with their colorful, fashionable rain ponchos. The hooded, multicolored RainRap comes with a matching travel pouch, allowing it to fold up easily to fit in your child's backpack or mom's handbag. It is reversible, water-repellent, fast-drying and lightweight. Oh, and they come in adult sizes, too.  

Photo Credit: Hot Chillies

Unique undegarments 

The right undergarments are the key to staying warm in cold weather. For a stylish first layer, try these long underwear alternatives from Hot Chillys. The pants and shirt are made of moisture wicking material, keeping the wet away from skin, and come in zebra or cheetah print. And if the coat comes off, your kid will be protected from the sun because the shirt is made of UPF 30 material.

Photo Credit: Smartwool

Smartwool for kids 

If wool is more your thing, we don't blame you. Wool is an amazing, natural material that keeps kids warm, naturally repels water, is breathable and doesn't get stinky even with hard athletic wear! We love Smartwool for its durability, fun colors and prints, and range of kids' sizes. Base layers, outer layers, fun socks and hats will help your family weather anything winter brings, form the playground to the slopes.


Photo Credit: Stuck on You


This one is for the parents as much as for the kids. Little hats, mitts, boots and scarves everywhere? Keep tabs on all that gear so you don't have to re-buy with these sturdy, colorful, customizable labels made to adhere to all kinds of weird surfaces, from shoe soles to tiny tags. Stuck on You offers packages and also makes luggage, backpack and lunch box tags! Another favorite of our editors is Mabel's Labels, which offers all the great kid labels plus household labels, so you can organize your gear even when it's being stored.

Photo Credit: REI

Polarized eye protection 

The glare from snow and ice can hurt little eyes, and sunglasses can protect those peepers. These polarized sunglasses from REI reduce 99 percent of glare and are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate. The wrap around style helps keep out the elements as well as the sun.  

Photo Credit: Zipfy

For luge lovers

Don’t just sled — luge! This lightweight Mini Luge from Zipfy is easy to cart back up the hill again and again. Rails on the bottom give the sled speed, and the feet-first design makes it a safer ride. Holds up to 250 pounds, so the parents can ride too. This one is for ages 5 and older. For ages 5 and older try the Zipfy Jr.

Photo Credit: LL Bean

Snowball and snow fort maker

What’s a snow day without a snowball fight? Try this snowball and snow fort maker set from LL Bean for the ultimate battle. The set includes two snow brick makers, a turret mold and two snowball makers. And in the summer, the bricks and turret can be used with sand.

Photo Credit: LL Bean 


It’s pretty much impossible to push a stroller through snow and slush. Beat cabin fever by getting outside with this sled. Made of northern hardwoods, this heirloom quality sled can be pulled with a rope or pushed with the handle, making it easy to walk or even skate with your little one. The waterproof cushion and side rails keep kids safe and dry.

Photo Credit: Western Chief

Light-up boots for rainy days 

In the Pacific Northwest, rain boots are a necessity. With Western Chief kids’ boots, rain gear can be stylish as well as practical. These fun rain accessories come in variety of patterns and motifs for both genders — some even light up! The light in the heel is activated with each step, making it easier for parents to track kids on a gray day.   

Photo Credit: Western Chief

Frog-tastic raincoat

With this whimsical Frog Raincoat your kids will want to play in the rain! From Western Chief Kids, the coat has a waterproof shell with a soft lining. Pair this with frog rainboots and a frog umbrella for the complete look! Matching coats, boots and umbrellas are available in other colors and styles as well. 

Photo Credit: Western Chief

Cozy toes

Rain boots keep the feet dry, but not always warm. For those days when it is wet and cold outside, add fleece boot liners to your Western Chief rain boots. These warmers come in two styles: pink with a pretty tulle ruffle on the cuff or basic black.   

Photo Credit: Amazon 

Reusable hand warmers 

If you go through a lot of hand warmers in the winter months, try a reusable heat source, such as HotSnapz. With this innovative design, you just click a disk in the middle of the warmer, activating a chemical reaction between sodium acetate and water. Warming crystals begin forming immediately and the heat lasts over an hour. Once the warmer cools, the crystals will need to be liquified again by boiling or microwaving the product.


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