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Have picnic, will travel

Published on: December 30, 2013

I don't know about you, but if I attach the word "picnic" to any meal, it's suddenly 100% more appealing to my children than just calling "Time for dinner!"

Here in Seattle we still have a few weeks to picnic our hearts out in local parks, beaches or our own backyards before school starts and the weather turns.

I've rounded up some great gear to make your outdoor meal more enjoyable.

Comfortable and easy-to-clean picnic mat. Features waterproof backing and a matching drawstring case. From $33.95

Outside Baby Cooler Backpack. Has a two-level compartment system with a cooler on the bottom and dry storage up top. Perfect for an all day adventure. From Amazon. $66.05

Prepara Ice Cream Cold Keeper. Take iced treats with you on-the-go. From $9.95

GSI Lexan Salt and Pepper Shaker. Just because you're not home doesn't mean you can't have well-seasoned food. From REI. $3.95

The Sea to Summit Trash Dry Sack. Picnic responsibly by packing out your junk. And keep your garbage from stinking up your backpack or car. From $23.06

Now get picnicking, while we still have nice enough weather to do it!

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